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Engineering buildings

The College of Engineering and its departments occupy buildings across campus and beyond. They house classrooms, libraries, workspaces, labs, offices and much more. Click on each building name for more details about these spaces, including some fun historical facts that may surprise you.

Ben Hall exterior

Ben Hall

ChemE, CEE, ME, MSE, BioE, ISE

Benson Hall exterior

Benson Hall


Bowman Building exterior

Bowman Building

ChemE, AA, ME, ECE, ISE and Allen School

Engineering Annex exterior

Engineering Annex

ME, ISE, HCDE, MSE, CoE Dean’s Office

Fluke Hall exterior

Fluke Hall

UW NNIN Washington Nanofabrication Facility, ME

A computer rendering of the exterior of the Interdisciplinary Engineering Building

The Interdisciplinary Engineering Building (IEB) Under construction

AI Educational Institute, classroom space, curricular space, flexible student spaces, project space, student support space

Loew Hall exterior

Loew Hall

Dean's Office

Molecular Engineering & Sciences building exterior

Molecular Engineering & Sciences building (MolES)

MolES, Molecular Analysis Facility, Clean Energy Institute, BioE, ME, MSE, ChemE, ECE

More Hall exterior

More Hall


NanoES exterior

Nanoengineering & Sciences building (NanoES)

NanoES, Clean Energy Institute’s Research Training Testbed, Institute for Protein Design, BioE, ME, MSE, ChemE, ECE


Sand Point Building 5D

CoE Dean’s Office, The Advanced Composites Center (ACC)

Sieg Building exterior

Sieg Building

ECE, HCDE, CoE Dean’s Office




Wilcox Hall exterior

Wilcox Hall

CEE, MSE, ME, CoE Dean’s Office

Wilson Annex exterior

Wilson Annex

MSE, AI Institute for Dynamic Systems