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Current UW non-engineering students

Some students do not have an interest in engineering when they start at UW, but rather discover their interest later.

While the majority of engineering students at the UW are admitted via the Direct to College pathway as freshmen, there is still an opportunity for UW students who discover an interest in engineering later to apply through our capacity-constrained pathway to departments. Capacity for “interest changers” varies dramatically by major.

If you are interested in applying to engineering majors, we encourage you to work closely with your assigned UAA or OMA&D adviser to ensure you plan accordingly. Additionally, you should reach out to advisers in your majors of interest as soon as possible. Use the resources in this page to guide your planning.

Topics: Review major options  Admission requirements  Deadlines  Engineering advisers

1. Review engineering and engineering-related major options

Engineering at a glance »
Department overviews, including degrees offered, and links to department websites.

Engineering-related majors »
It's a good idea to also create a parallel plan for majors listed under the Biological & Environmental Sciences, Computing, Math, or Physical Sciences on this list.

2. Ensure you’re on track to apply

Understand admission requirements

Find information about the application requirements and the additional lower-division coursework, referred to as enrollment requirements, required for the engineering programs you are considering. While the application requirements are your priority courses to take, it is important to ensure you have a plan to complete the enrollment requirements prior to starting in the major.

Compare majors: Required courses by department »
Comparison of the application and enrollment requirements for the different engineering majors.

Know when to apply

Once you have thoroughly researched majors and their associated application and enrollment requirements, you’re prepared to apply to one or more engineering majors! It's important to keep in mind that engineering departments accept applications and admit students to the majors at different times. You can find the quarters when the majors you are interested in are accepting applications in the table below.

Engineering major application deadlines

Start quarter Application deadlines Majors admitting during the quarter
Autumn Apply to department by April 5 Aeronautics & Astronautics
Bioresource Science & Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Human Centered Design & Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Spring Apply to department by January 15 Bioengineering
Bioresource Science & Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Computer Engineering

Connect with an adviser in your engineering major(s) of interest

When mailing information to the individuals listed below, for all departments, the rest of the mailing address is: University of Washington Seattle, WA 98195-_ _ _ _ (use last four digits of campus box number)

Academic Adviser, Undergraduate Programs
317 Guggenheim Hall, Box 352400

Advising staff

Chetana Acharya, Academic Counselor, Undergraduate Programs

Danafe Matusalem, Academic Services Specialist

General Inquiries
3720 15th Ave. NE Box 355061 Seattle, WA 98195-5061
(206) 685-2000

BSE Advising

Sandra Maddox, Undergraduate Adviser for BSE and ESRM
Schedule an appointment
116 Anderson Hall, Box 352100
(206) 543-3070

Advising staff

Dave Drischell, Academic Services Director
137C Benson Hall, Box 351750
(206) 543-2252

Nicole Minkoff, Undergraduate Adviser
137A Benson Hall, Box 351750
(206) 685-1634

General advising questions

Undergraduate advising staff

Lauren Cushner, Program Coordinator
201 More Hall
(206) 221-9165

Charlotte Emigh, Undergraduate Academic Adviser
201 More Hall
(206) 543-5092

Brian Kinnear, Undergraduate Adviser
201K More Hall
(206) 221-2181

General questions
Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering, Room CSE 101. Check in at the front desk for all appointments.

Undergraduate advising team

Crystal Eney, Director of Student Services
Jenifer Pesicka Hiigli, Academic Adviser - Lead
Chloe Dolese Mandeville, Program Manager for Diversity and Outreach
Maggie Morris, Academic Adviser - Senior
Leslie Ikeda, Academic Adviser
Chelsea Navarro, Academic Adviser
Camilo Fonseca, Academic Adviser
Pim Lustig, Course Coordinator

Undergraduate general inquiries
Campus Box 352500
185 Stevens Way Paul Allen Center – Room AE100R Seattle, WA 98195-2500

Stephanie Swanson, Director of Academic Services
(206) 221-5782

Undergraduate advisers

Chris Overly, Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Katherine Sykes, Lead Academic Counselor

Whitney Thomas, Academic Counselor

Undergraduate Advisers

Meghan Oxley, Academic Counselor – Senior
423 Sieg Hall, Box 352315
(206) 543-1798

Undergraduate adviser

Jennifer Tsai, Academic Adviser, Undergraduate and Ph.D.
G7 ME Building, Box 352650
(206) 543-5041

Undergraduate academic adviser
302A Roberts Hall, Box 352120

General undergraduate inquiries

Kendra Burdett, Academic Counselor
148 ME Building, Box 352600
(206) 616-5844