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MyCoE provides information, forms, and resources for faculty and staff within the UW College of Engineering.

A comprehensive staff directory for the Office of the Dean.

Information and forms for CoE's College of Engineering Awards.

College-wide policies including privacy, personnel, and public meetings. Also: routing information for administrative forms and due dates for HR forms.

Employment related resources for CoE faculty and staff and information on policies and procedure for managers and administrative staff.

Information on the various external and internal CoE calendars, event planning resources, and reserving conference rooms.

Information and policy associated with federal, industry, and CoE funding.

Instructional services — including consulting, workshops, and assessments — available to all UW engineering educators.

Descriptions of services offered, instructional information for email and calendar software, data resources, and more.

Maps, floor plans, emergency info, reserving conference rooms, and more.

CoE and UW emergency preparedness, violence prevention, and safety resources.

Bylaws & strategic plan, councils and committees, and accreditation (ABET).

Access to databases including financial, student, and personnel reports (limited access).

Logos and letterhead for the College of Engineering and its departments plus other resources (limited access).