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Study Abroad

The College of Engineering and its departments support a variety of programs to give students opportunities to study and research abroad and prepare for a global engineering career.

Engineering is an international and collaborative occupation; the most pressing environmental, health, and technological issues cross international boundaries. Today’s engineers need to understand global cultures, issues, and forces to work with projects and clients in an international context.

Tips for Getting Started

Start early! You will need to do significant advance planning to study abroad and should begin your planning process at least a year before you plan to go abroad.

  • Consider what you most want to gain from an international experience. What is most important to you? Academics? Duration? Location? Level of independence? What else?
  • Attend study abroad info sessions to learn more about specific programs.
  • Visit the UW Study Abroad Fair during fall quarter.
  • Begin learning about financing your experience abroad.
  • Talk with your academic adviser about how to fit an international experience into your degree plan. Here are some tips:
    • Ask your adviser for recommendations on study abroad programs, locations, and institutions that would be beneficial for you and your major.
    • Have your adviser review your transcript and degree plan with you to discuss what credits you need to fulfill to graduate on time, and identify quarters when it might be easiest for you to study abroad.
  • Request an advising appointment Request an advising appointment for engineering study abroad with Mike Engh in the College of Engineering.

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Study Abroad Programs

While the UW has many more Study Abroad programs, these programs work well for engineering students:

Academic Year/Semester   Summer/Early Fall UW programs   Summer/Early Fall Non-UW programs

Broadening Your Search

These sections provide tools for planning a study abroad experience and more international opportunities:

Funding Opportunities   UW Resources   Additional Exchange Programs

Academic Year & Semester Programs

Most of these programs offer study as an exchange student at a partner institution for a semester or an academic year. These universities offer engineering courses in English that UW students can take; engineering departments can award UW credit for courses taken abroad. Research internships may also be available on some programs.

Academic year programs are best suited for students in their junior and senior years, though some are open to sophomores and graduate students. In most cases, participants pay an exchange fee equal to UW tuition and UW financial aid will apply.

If you are interested in participating in an engineering exchange program during the academic year, review the online course catalogs for the universities that most interest you. Compare the courses available to exchange students with the credits you need to fulfill for your degree.

Country Program Engineering Courses

* Check with UW faculty and advisers to ensure departmental credit will be awarded for courses taken abroad.

Australia University of Melbourne Exchange BioE, ChemE, CEE, CSE, EE, ME
University of Queensland Exchange AA, BioE, ChemE, CEE, CSE, EE, HCDE, ISE, ME
University of Sydney Exchange AA, BioE, ChemE, CEE, EE, ME
China Tsinghua University Exchange ChemE, CEE, CSE, EE, MSE, ME
Denmark Aarhus University Exchange CEE, CSE, HCDE, ME
Germany Technical University of Berlin College of Engineering Exchange AA, MSE, ME
University of Saarlandes Departmental Exchange CSE
Hong Kong Chinese University of Hong Kong Exchange AA, CEE, CSE, EE, HCDE, MSE, ME
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Exchange AA, ChemE, CEE, CSE, EE, ISE, ME
Hungary AIT-Budapest CSE, HCDE, ISE
Ireland University College Dublin Exchange BioE, ChemE, CEE, EE, ME
India Engineering India: Grand Challenges Impact Lab All 
Japan National Institute of Informatics Graduate Research Program CSE, EE, HCDE, ISE
Tohoku University Exchange
*Special option available for graduate students
A&A, ChemE, MSE, ME
Tokyo Institute of Technology Exchange AA, ChemE, CEE, CSE, EE, ISE, MSE, ME
New Zealand University of Auckland Exchange


University of Canterbury Exchange BioE, ChemE, CEE, CSE, EE, HCDE, MSE, ME
Norway Norwegian University of Science & Technology Exchange ChemE, CEE, CSE, EE, HCDE, MSE, ME
Singapore National University of Singapore Exchange BioE, ChemE, CEE, CSE, EE, HCDE, ISE, MSE, ME
South Korea Yonsei University Exchange CEE, CSE, ISE, MSE, ME
Spain Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Exchange AA, BioE, EE
Sweden KTH Royal Institute of Technology Departmental Exchange CSE
Switzerland ETH Zurich Departmental Exchange CSE
EPFL Departmental Exchange CSE
Taiwan National Taiwan University Departmental Exchange EE
Turkey Bogazici University Exchange ChemE, CEE, EE, ISE, ME
United Kingdom University College London Exchange BioE, ChemE, CEE, CSE, EE, ME
University of Bristol Exchange AA, CEE, CSE, EE, ME
University of Edinburgh Exchange ChemE, CEE, CSE, EE, ME
Multiple countries CIEE Programs BioE, ChemE, CEE, CSE, EE, HCDE, ISE, ME
IES Programs All
SIT Programs BioE, ChemE, CEE, CSE, EE, HCDE

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Summer & Early Fall Programs

Summer and early fall programs let students stay on track with engineering course plans during the academic year. But they do typically require a program fee to cover tuition. Summer financial aid may be available to offset costs.

Note: If you plan to graduate in spring and would still like to participate in a summer or early fall program, there are additional steps you need to take. Contact Mike Engh for more information.

UW: Faculty-Led Programs

UW faculty teach engineering courses as part of study abroad programs each year during summer and early fall terms. These programs are typically 3 to 4 weeks long, and UW students can earn up to 6 credits for their work during these course. Faculty-led programs use the program location to help students learn intensively about the course topic.

Country Summer/Early Fall 2017 Program Best for students in these engineering programs
China Chemical Engineering China: Lab at Zhejiang University ChemE
Italy Engineering Rome All
Japan Engineering Japan: Exploring in the Heart of High-Tech Pre-Engineering
US Engineering Pacific Northwest: Sustainable Water in a Wet Region BioE, ChemE, CEE, EE, ISE, MSE, ME, Pre-Engineering

Find the full list of faculty-led programs available at UW Study Abroad. Program options change each year; the next year's program options become will be available in January.

Non-UW: Affiliated Programs

Affiliated programs are approved by UW but administered by partner universities abroad. Programs range from 4 to 12 weeks, and regular UW credit is awarded for course and research work. Most affiliated programs in engineering are taught in English so proficiency in the local language is usually not required.

Country Program Best for students in these engineering programs
Australia Engineering Research Summer Program at University of Western Australia AA, BioE, CEE, ChemE, CSE, EE, ISE, MSE
France Space and Aviation Summer Programs at ISAE/GEA AA
Germany Engineering Summer University at the Technical University of Berlin AA, CEE, CSE, EE, HCDE, ISE, MSE, ME
Hong Kong International Summer Exchange Program at Hong Kong University of Science & Technology CEE, CSE, EE, ISE
Japan Automotive Engineering Summer Program at Nagoya University AA, EE, ME
Summer Research Program at Tokyo Institute of Technology ChemE, CEE, CSE, EE, ISE, MSE, ME 
Taiwan Engineering Research Summer Program at National Taiwan University BioE, ChemE, CSE, EE, HCDE, ISE, MSE, ME

Funding Opportunities

UW Study Abroad Scholarships
Information on scholarships specifically for UW students studying abroad, including awards for STEM students
Dow Chemical Student Exchange Fund
An endowed scholarship that awards up to $5,000 to student STEM students studying in UW exchanges at Asian universities.
Bonderman Travel Fellowship
Offers fellowships to UW graduate students and undergraduate honors students to travel the world without participating in research or classes.
Valle Scholarship and Scandinavian Exchange Program
Promotes and funds the exchange of graduate students in CEE with programs in Scandinavia and the Baltics.

UW Resources

UW Study Abroad
A clearinghouse of campus-wide study abroad opportunities and is a great source of information on exchange programs.
UW Exploration Seminars
Month-long study abroad opportunities offered during the summer in a range of academic disciplines.
UW Engineers Without Borders
A student organization that collaborates with communities around the world to design and implement sustainable engineering projects.
UW Global Travelers
A UW office to help facilitate safe and successful international travel for the UW community, with travel planning and registration, global travel notifications, and insurance.

Additional Public and Private Exchange Programs