About Us

Creating the Future of Engineering

Perhaps more than any other field, engineering is creating the future—and tomorrow depends on highly talented, enterprising people—like those who make up our community of innovators. The College of Engineering is a national leader in educating engineers. Each year the College turns out new discoveries, inventions and top-flight graduates, all contributing to the strength of our economy and the health and vitality of our community.

Ten departments, one mission: launching careers

Graduating top-quality engineers is our highest priority. We are committed to giving students the crucial skills and practical experience they need to succeed in an ever changing world.

Crossing boundaries

Today's engineers still build bridges. But they also work on problems from the microscopic (genetic engineering) to the global (systems for maintaining a sustainable planet). As engineers take on large-scale problems that have cross-cultural implications, they need to understand political, economic, and social aspects of the world in which they work. We are forging interdisciplinary partnerships across campus and around the globe to prepare students to succeed.

The power of invention

The College of Engineering is a driving force at the core of the Northwest and national economy. From our direct involvement in groundbreaking research, spin-off companies and technology transfers to producing world-class graduates that fuel the region's insatiable need for qualified engineers, the impact of the College is felt in every industry throughout Washington state.