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Guggenheim Hall

Guggenheim Hall

Location: See map.

Departments: Aeronautics & Astronautics

Guggenheim Hall was built for the study of astronautics and aeronautics and construction was made possible by a $292,000 award from the Guggenheim Foundation. Designed by John Graham, the facility was dedicated in April 1930, the same year the UW awarded its first degrees in aeronautical engineering. Its gothic design incorporated several interior "state-of-the-art" features. The lectern gave faculty control over lighting and the flow of water, gas, and electricity for experiments. A new fangled screen projector provided students the advantage of learning from educational "talkies."

Since then, the field of aeronautics has changed dramatically, but Guggenheim Hall changed very little. The Tudor-Gothic building went through a renovation and reopened for classes in 2007. The renovation addressed infrastructure issues in the building and included new instructional labs and classrooms.