Partnerships with Industry

Working closely with industry and foundation partners, the College of Engineering is developing a new generation of innovators. Each year the College turns out new discoveries, inventions and top-flight graduates.

Industry Partnerships

Support Faculty, Students and Facilities

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Corporate & Foundation Relations (CFR) builds relationships between companies and engineering students, programs, and faculty. We help companies customize recruitment plans and link to career services.
Contact: David Iyall
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Work with Faculty Researchers

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Learn about the research interests of faculty and how to sponsor a custom project for your company.
Contact: David Iyall
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Join an Affiliates Program

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Affiliates programs encourage collaboration between academia and industry by fostering connections across research disciplines and opening doors for industry partners to access our highly-specialized resources.
Affiliates programs: CSE | HCDE

Sponsor a capstone design project

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Work with a team of senior engineering students to solve an engineering problem your company is facing.
Contact: Jill Dalinkus
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Department programs: A&A | BioE | CSE | ECE | HCDE | ISE | ME

Hire Interns and Grads

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Learn about our new "Career Center @ Engineering (CC@E)" which houses our Engineering Internship Program and can assist with various recruiting opportunities, including career fairs and posting jobs online.
Contact: Gail Cornelius
Career Center @ Engineering | Internship Program | Career Fairs | Connect with CC@E

Learn More about Engineering Labs and Facilities

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Arrange a campus visit with Corporate & Foundation Relations and find out about the College's labs and research facilities, including the Washington Nanofabrication Facility and the Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute.
Contact: David Iyall
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Provide Continuing Education for Employees

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Learn about UW Engineering's Professional Masters and Certificate Programs and other UW professional and continuing education programs.
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License Innovative Technology

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Work with UW CoMotion (formerly the UW Center for Commercialization) on technology commercialization projects, research funding, or the CoMotion Incubator that helps start-ups get off the ground.
Contact: David Iyall