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Diversity programs

“Engineering is a very creative profession... [Without] diversity, we limit the set of life experiences that are applied, and as a result, we pay an opportunity cost - a cost in products not built, in designs not considered, in constraints not understood, in processes not invented."

William. A. Wulf,
former National Academy of Engineering President

Together, the programs highlighted below provide financial, social, academic and cultural support to engineering students. They recruit top high school students to UW engineering, with an emphasis on reaching underrepresented populations in the field and in the programs. And they help students launch their careers with mentoring and hands-on work experience. UW Engineering's Diversity & Access programs are effectively helping participants as a whole achieve similar success in engineering as students in the comparison group who do not participate in the programs.

Also see Diversity at UW for campus-wide programs and information and UW Equity Focus, the UW’s hub for stories highlighting diversity and equity.


DO-IT - Disabilities Opportunities Internetworking Technology

DO-IT logo

DO-IT encourages individuals with disabilities to take on challenging academic programs and careers by promoting the use of technology to increase independence and productivity.

EAC - Engineering Academic Center

Engineering Academic Center

EAC located in Loew Hall, provides space for students to form learning communities, and provides workshops and tutoring to help students build skills in math, physics and chemistry.

Engineering Academy

Engineering Academy is a non-residential summer program that supports rising high school seniors from diverse backgrounds who wish to study engineering by engaging them in coursework that strengthens skills needed to succeed in college-level math.

Engineering Dean's Scholars

Image of students at ropes course in 2019

Engineering Dean's Scholars is a conditional admission program created to support students who have incredible potential to become excellent engineers. Through holistic programming, Dean's Scholars will receive the support and tools needed to transition to life as an engineering student before joining the College and during their first academic year.

MSEP - Minority Scholars Engineering Program

MSEP is the College of Engineering’s recruitment and retention program open to all students, focused on promoting academic and professional excellence, leadership skill development and community building.

PEERs - Promoting Equity in Engineering Relationships

PEERs is a three-credit seminar and community leadership program for students committed to building a more inclusive environment at the College of Engineering.

STARS - Washington STate Academic RedShirt in Engineering


STARS at the University of Washington provides support for Washington state students from economically and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed in engineering and computer science.

Women in Science & Engineering

WiSE logo

Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE) provides social connection, mentoring, advising, and tutoring for women in science and engineering. Programs include academic support, WiSE UP (formerly Bridge), the WiSE Conference, the WiSE Lecture Series and other programs.

WiSE has a strong reputation for providing professional development opportunities and creating a positive community.