Student Blog Instructions

Each year, UW Engineering students participating in study abroad programs are asked to submit blogs to the website.

Blog instructions

Contact the CoE Web Team at to get set up as a student blogger.

Creating a new blog post

  1. After logging in to Drupal at, click on Content in the manage bar.
  2. Click Add content under the content header.
  3. Give your blog entry a title using the Title field.
  4. Use the Body field to write the post. This defaults to HTML text input. If you are not comfortable using HTML, click on the Switch to rich text editor link under the input field.
    • To add a link in the rich text mode, highlight the text or image you want to be a link and click on the icon on the right with three chain links and type the URL you want to use into the URL field. Then click OK.
    • If you want to customize the post description that appears on the aggregated list of posts, click on Edit Summary next to the Body Label. This will open a field that will allow you to write a description of the post.
  5. Under Categories, pick your Study Abroad program.
  6. When you are done click the Save button. This saves a draft of the post and emails the webmasters who will review the blog and then post it.

    If the webmasters are slow to approve the post or it needs to be posted more quickly, email to request that it be posted.

Editing a blog post

  1. After logging in, navigate to the page you wish to edit.

    Study abroad blogs are linked from the College of Engineering Study Abroad web page.
  2. At the top of the content, just below the page title, you should see a series of tabs: View and Edit. You see these only on pages that you have permission to edit.
  3. Click on Edit. You will see the same form used when creating the post.
  4. Make any edits you need to, then click Save. The post is saved as a draft, which the webmasters will review and publish.

    If the webmasters are slow to approve the edits or the edits need to go live more quickly, you can email to request that it be posted.

Adding images

  1. To upload images into the body of the post, make sure the body field is in rich text mode – you’ll see a toolbar across the top of the field
  2. Click on the icon with two mountains in it toward the right side of the toolbar.
  3. Either type in a URL you are referencing or click Browse Server next to the URL field. A file tree opens. To upload a file, click on the Upload button, then click Choose File and find the file on your local drive. Click Open, then click Upload. You should see a subfolder with your name; you can upload your photos to your unique folder to keep better track of them.

    The file will show up in the window to the right. You can either double-click it or click Insert File to add it to the Image Properties box.
  4. Click OK on Image properties and the image will be inserted into the post.