Network Support

Windows Domain

All PCs that we support are part of our Windows Active Directory domain. All domain users have access to file storage space on our file server via their "My Documents" folder. Files on the file server are regularly backed up and archived for 4 weeks.

We run the DNS server and maintain IP addresses for Loew Hall, part of Wilcox Hall, and part of the Aerospace Research Building.

In addition, we maintain a number of shared folders on the file server for workgroups within the Dean's Office and College Centers and Programs.

Mailing Lists

The College of Engineering Computer Services office manages the Mailman email list service. You may view a complete list of lists marked for "public view" at the Mailman List Info web site. Please note that subscription policies vary from list to list. You can view list moderator/owner information for each list at the bottom of each list's information page. Please direct all inquiries about list subscription policies, etc. to the list moderator/owner and not to the Computing Services Help Desk.

To set up a new mailing list, you must be a College of Engineering staff or faculty member, and the list must be used for College of Engineering business only.

Send the following information to

  • Preferred List Name (3-16 characters, no spaces)
  • List Moderator/Owner Name and Email Address (instructions and password will be sent to this person)

By default, lists are set up with the following options:

  • Only members may post
  • Non-member posts are held for approval by the moderator/owner
  • Moderator/owner's approval is required for new subscriptions
  • List messages are not archived
  • Message sizes are capped at 40 kilobytes (moderator/owner may approve exceptions)

Data Center Services

The College of Engineering Data Center is located in Wilcox 60A. The Data Center is intended to support College computing systems that have exceptional space, power, and cooling requirements, such as server clusters. More info.