Technical Support

How to Request Technical Support

Staff of the Dean's Office, College Centers and Programs, and Industrial & Systems Engineering departments can request technical support for their UW-owned computing equipment and supported software by sending email to:

If you are unable to send email, phone (206) 221-4214, or call individual support staff directly.

Email requests will generate a "trouble ticket" and be assigned a request number. You will receive this information in an email response.

Please refer to the email response for instructions on following up on your request and checking its status.

What We Support and How to Make Purchases

We will make best-effort attempts to support personally-owned accessories such as mobile phones, tablets and USB storage drives being used for business purposes.

We do not support personally-owned computers, printers, or other devices. We do not make house calls.

Staff of the Dean's Office should not purchase computing equipment (including components and accessories such as keyboards, mouses, TVs/projectors, etc.) directly. Requests for equipment purchases should come through Computing Services, regardless of the funding source.

We are not responsible for nor will we support equipment not purchased by Computing Services. We must work with a specific list of products in order to ensure that we can maintain them, they are compatible and they meet our security requirements.

All purchases of equipment must be approved by the Director of Computing Services.

Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering

We provide desktop support to the Department of ISE. It is outlined in a separate Service Level Agreement.