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Employee Account Closure Request

Computing Services

Employee Account Closure Request

To request closure of computer accounts and services for departing employees, the new employee's supervisor or a member of the HR office must complete the following form and submit it to the Computing Services department.

If a situation requires urgent action, call the Computing Services Help Desk at 221-4214.

Information About You

All instances of "supervisor" below refer to name specified here
Email address:
Phone number:

Information About the Employee

Last Employment Date:
If you do not have this or know what it is, go to and search for the employee. This site is a special secure version of the UW Directory and requires you to log in. The search results will contain the employee's NetID.

Accounts Closures Requested

Disable Windows Logon
By checking this, the employee's Windows logon account will be disabled by 8:00 am the day after the date specified above. The employee will no longer be able to log onto a College of Engineering computer and will not be able to access any files or data on College file servers.
Data in Employee's "My Documents" directory

Before authorizing the destruction of employee's data or before assuming responsibility for employee's data, please note the following:

Data stored on a UW system may be considered an official UW record and is subject to specific retention requirements as defined by the UW and state law.

Data may be subject to disclosure in the event of a public records request or subpoena. You should be sure that there is no pending litigation involving the employee or any parties with whom the employee may have had contact.

Delete all employee's files
Copy employee's files to CD and deliver to supervisor (will delete from server)
Move files to another user's account
User's Name:

Email Accounts

Note: This section only applies to mail accounts hosted on the mail server. Accounts hosted by C&C ( are outside our jurisdiction. Contact C&C at for assistance with C&C email accounts. C&C email accounts are disabled two pay periods after an employee's final pay period.

Also note that all warnings above regarding destruction or transfer of data apply to email as well.


Delete all employee's files
Copy employee's email to CD and deliver to supervisor (will delete from server)
Move email to another user's account
User's Name:

Indicate any additional instructions or questions regarding closing this employee's account.