Faculty & Research

New Engineering Faculty 2009

In 2009, UW Engineering attracted 14 outstanding new faculty members to our departments. We are excited to have these distinguished professors join our community of innovators.

M.P. Anantram photoM.P. Anantram »

Department: Electrical Engineering

Research focus: Theory, algorithms, and computational models to study molecular, semiconductor, and bionano structures.

Linda Ng Boyle photoLinda Ng Boyle »

Departments: Industrial & Systems Engineering; Civil & Environmental Engineering

Research focus: Modeling driver behavior; quantification of crash risks; user acceptance of new technology; commercial vehicle operations and transportation safety.

Cynthia Chen photoCynthia Chen »

Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Research focus: Travel behavior analysis, demand forecasting, survey design, transportation geography, and transportation safety.

Michael Dodd photoMichael Dodd »

Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Research focus: Characterization of homogeneous and heterogeneous redox reactions in engineered and natural aquatic systems, photochemical mechanisms of reactive halogen and oxygen species formation in high-salinity waters.

Antonino Ferrante photoAntonino Ferrante »

Department: Aeronautics & Astronautics

Research focus: Computational Fluid Mechanics, single-phase, multi-phase, and multi-species turbulent flows relevant to engineering applications, e.g., internal and external aerodynamics, propulsion, and to natural phenomena.

Erkan Istanbulluoglu photoErkan Istanbulluoglu »

Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Research focus: Role of climate on ecohydrological and geomorphological response of landscapes, sediment transport, and water balance of large basins.

Su-In Lee photoSu-In Lee »

Department: Computer Science & Engineering

Research focus: Computational methods for understanding the genetic basis of complex phenotypic traits.

Barry Lutz photoBarry Lutz »

Department: Bioengineering

Research focus: Biosensor chemical transport & kinetics; sound-based microfluidic systems; single-cell manipulation; multiplex optical detection; point-of-care diagnostics.

James Pfaendtner photoJames Pfaendtner »

Department: Chemical Engineering

Research focus: Computational work in biomolecular engineering, modeling of biological systems, production of biofuels, development of novel biomaterials, and investigation of a new class of peptides as potential drug compounds.

Brian Polagye photoBrian Polagye »

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Research focus: Responsibly harnessing the kinetic energy in moving water. Development of cost-effective instrumentation packages to characterize the physical and biological environment at potential in-stream energy sites.

Anup Rao photoAnup Rao »

Department: Computer Science & Engineering

Research focus: Theoretical computer science including pseudo randomness, approximation algorithms, and optimization problems.

Andrey Shcherbina photoAndrey Shcherbina »

Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Research focus: The dynamics of oceanic water mass transformation and mixing under the combined forcing by wind, waves, tides, and buoyancy changes.

Setthivoine You photoSetthivoine You »

Department: Aeronautics & Astronautics

Research focus: Fusion energy and advanced electric spacecraft propulsion, plasma physics of magnetic confinement concepts envisioned for compact fusion power, physics and development of variable-thrust and variable-specific-impulse plasma thrusters, cellular automata numerical approach to magnetohydrodynamics.

Kim A. Woodrow photoKim A. Woodrow »

Department: Bioengineering

Research focus: Delivery systems for reagents that can be used in diagnostic or therapeutic applications.