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MSC Software

As of Fall, 2021, MSC Software is no longer licensed, for lack of interest.


  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

The MSC Software has been donated to the university by the company. The software may be used by students taking classes, or faculty conducting academic research. No commercial research is allowed.




MSC Software may be requested from the College of Engineering Software ordering site.

Software Overview

MSC Software used for ?

License Details

The UW site license is provided by the Department of Mechanical Engineering.  These are concurrent use licenses.  This means you can install the software on as many computers as you wish, but a license server will limit the number of instances running at any given time to the number of licenses ordered. Your computer must be connected to the internet in order to access the Department's license server.

License includes:

  • Actran
  • Adams
  • Digimat
  • Dytran
  • Easy5
  • FlightLoads
  • Marc
  • MD Nastran
  • MSC Apex
  • MSC Nastran
  • MSC Software Development Kit
  • Patran
  • SimDesigner Workbench Edition for CATIA
  • Simufact Additive
  • Simufact Forming
  • Simufact Welding
  • Sinda
  • Sofy

Installation Instructions

After you request MSC Software, you will receive a confirmation email with the port and host name of the license server. This info is needed during the installation of the software.

After the software is ordered, an account will be manually created for the user on the MSC Software web site. Look for an email from with logon id and password info included.

All MSC Software can be downloaded directly from the companies web site.

Technical Support

This software is provided "as is" with no support from College of Engineering staff.

Licensing Questions

Contact the College of Engineering at