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ISE Service Agreement

Effective December 1, 2006, College Computing Services ("CCS") will assume the user support, classroom management, and systems administration responsibilities for the Industrial Engineering department (the "department"), and will meet or exceed the service levels outlined in this document. The existing Senior Computing Specialist position in the department will be moved to CCS as part of this reorganization.

This reorganization is intended to more strategically align IT support resources within the College.

This agreement is valid until December 1, 2007, at which point it may be modified or renewed depending on departmental support needs at the time.

Adjustments and modification to the agreement may be suggested throughout the year and will be reviewed by the Director of Computing Services and the Chair of the department.

Desktop Computer Systems


Equipment is eligible for CCS support if it was purchased with UW funds (including STF and self-sustaining budgets) and is primarily operated on campus by a College student or employee. Personally-owned equipment and equipment operated off campus will not be fully supported by CCS. Support for limited amounts of equipment funded with outside monies (e.g. via grants or gifts) may be available pending approval by the Director of Computing Services.

Service Levels

CCS offers three levels of technical support and services for computers – managed, supported, and user-supported – which are defined in detail in the table below.

By default, all computers deployed by CCS will be managed. Users whose work requires that they have a greater level of access functions on their computer (such as the ability to install and uninstall software) may request to operate under the supported model. CCS staff approval is required for a computer to operate in "supported" mode.

CCS will configure user-supported computers only in exceptional circumstances where the nature of the user's work requires no operating controls or limitations and where the user assumes full responsibility for managing the system in compliance with UW systems security guidelines. These circumstances should be rare, and should only exist where a user is required to make significant modifications to their computer system or run alternative operating systems.

Table: Service Level Details




Computers receive the full range of services provided by CCS (listed below)

Computers are members of the College's Active Directory domain[1]

Security settings are managed centrally

Security patches are applied automatically

User profiles and home directories (i.e. "My Documents") are stored on a file server

Users may have access to one or more shared or workgroup directories on the file server

Files stored on the file server will be backed up in accordance with the College's disaster recovery strategy[2]

Will not be a member of the Active Directory domain

Will be assigned a private, non-routable IP address on the campus 172 network[3]

Will not have access to the College file server or backup system

May not store any data that is classified "confidential" or "restricted" according to the "UW Minimum Data Security Standards."

CCS will not provide support services unless the computer is blocked from the campus network by C&C's vulnerability scanning system. In that event, CCS will be available to reload the operating system and base package of software.

User access to administrative functions on the local workstation – such as installing software, managing power settings, and adding user accounts – is restricted

All software and peripheral equipment installation, and changes to system-wide computer settings must be done by a member of CCS staff.


Users may operate as "Power User"[4] or "Administrator"[5] depending on their need

Users may install software applications

In the event of a major system problem or failure, the system (or a replacement system) will be loaded with the default software packages and settings only. [CCS cannot restore software we did not install. We cannot be responsible for files saved to the local hard drive.]

The services provided for both managed and supported systems includes:

  • Software or hardware error/problem troubleshooting and resolution
  • Software installations and upgrades for supported applications
  • Hardware repair/replacement (but not funding for such)
  • Software configuration assistance (for supported packages only)
  • Operating system configuration and upgrades
  • Assistance gaining access to shared resources (file shares, printers, etc.)
  • Basic (< 15 minutes) training in the use of supported software applications if expertise exists

End-user Support

Faculty and staff should experience at least the same levels of service and response times to what they enjoy now. CCS will strive to continually improve the user support experience.

  • IT support staffing levels will either meet or exceed the minimum recommendations as outlined in the IT Resource Sharing Groups' report on IT staffing levels.
  • Support staff regular work hours will be 8:00 – 5:00 Monday-Friday.
    • After-hours support may be requested subject to staff availability.
  • Staff may be reached via email for routine, low priority requests; and via telephone for more urgent issues.
    •  Staff will strive to respond to routine calls/emails within an average of 2 work-hours.
    • For urgent requests, CCS will employ an emergency notification system and will strive to respond as quickly as possible.
Server Systems 
  • Departmental domain controllers and file servers will be phased out after all user systems are migrated to corresponding College servers.
  • Departmental web servers will either continue to be maintained as separate systems, incorporated into the College web server infrastructure or moved to a UW 'depts' server. Existing DNS names (i.e. URL's) and access permissions will remain the same. Web support is detailed on a separate page.
  • Specifics of support for other server systems will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • All other departmental server systems that must remain operational will be moved to Wilcox 60A and will be administered by College Computing Service staff in consultation with appropriate department users.

 Classroom/Lab Support

  •  Lab and classroom systems will be reloaded with new software in advance of each academic quarter.
    •  CCS will provide a list of available, licensed software for computer labs
    • Departments are responsible for contacting instructors to determine additional software installation requirements for the upcoming quarter.
    • CCS must have the software requirements at least 3 weeks prior to the start of a new academic quarter.
  • CCS will use DeepFreeze (or a similar tool) to manage systems and ensure that they are restored to their original state after each restart.
  • CCS will use software to meter software licenses where appropriate and if it will save costs without affecting service or availability.
  • Mid-quarter adjustments to installed software, systems configuration, etc. will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and accomplished via best effort.
  • CCS will assist with the implementation of Publication Services' Uniprint pay-for-print system, if necessary; departmental computer lab printers will not be supported.
  • Students will have access to file server space on Homer/Dante and via Catalyst WebFiles. No College file server space for students will be available.

Funding for Software

  • CCS will fund Microsoft Campus Agreement subscriptions for staff, faculty, and computer lab/classroom systems in the department. This agreement covers Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Project, Visio, Visual Studio, and Publisher as well as all necessary client access licenses (CALs).
  • CCS will fund accounts and subscriptions for Oracle Calendar for whichever permanent faculty and staff in the department desire accounts.
  • Management software for computer labs will be provided by CCS.
  • The department will fund any other software packages for staff, faculty, and classroom systems.

Funding for Equipment

  •  CCS will not provide funding for equipment purchases or outside repair costs.
  • CCS will provide temporary replacement desktop computers (PC only) while systems are "in the shop."

Supervision of Department IT Staff

For IT staff (student assistants, ASE's, or permanent staff) employed by the department to work on unit-specific IT projects or to provide supplemental support, CCS can provide the following services:

  •  Assistance with job descriptions, searches, and interviews
  •  Additional supervision and performance evaluation (i.e. a "dotted-line" report)
  •  Opportunities for staff collaboration and training
  •  Assistance with integrating unit-managed projects into CCS-managed infrastructure

Example: The department needs to hire a half-time RA to develop a database application. CCS staff will help draft the job description and participate in job interviews. CCS staff will provide a technical overview of the operating environment and recommend the optimal work environment for the project. CCS can provide space on our database and web servers for the project. The RA may attend bi-weekly CCS staff meetings and/or separate Systems Development Team meetings. CCS developers will be available to answer questions and point the RA in the direction of additional resources.


Provided this agreement is still in place, the department will be eligible for participation in the CRISP program beginning in the 2007-2009 Biennium.

The department holds the primary responsibility for initiating and preparing Student Technology Fee proposals, including obtaining price quotes from vendors. The Director of Computing Services must review and approve STF proposals at least two weeks prior to the proposal due date.

CCS staff are available to consult with the department chair and/or department computing committee on equipment and software purchases, STF proposals, and other grant/gift opportunities.

Program Evaluation and Problem Resolution

Complaints or concerns about service levels may be directed to the Director of Computing Services for prompt attention.

The Director of Computing Services, the CSS Support Lead, and the department chair and/or department computing committee will meet at least once per quarter to evaluate this program and to discuss any proposed changes or enhancements to the service.

This program will be under continual evaluation based on the following metrics:

  • Trouble ticket turnaround time
  • Average number of open tickets in the queue
  • End user satisfaction as judged via quarterly surveys and unsolicited feedback

[1] A domain is a set of network resources (server, applications, printers, etc.) for a group of users. A user need only to log on to the domain (via a domain controller) to gain access to the resources, which may be located on a number of different locations on the network.

[2] A full backup is done every week, and all files modified since the last full backup are backup up nightly. Full backups are stored for 2 weeks. Users may request file restores provided they know the file name and full path to the file they are requesting.

[3] Traffic in the 172 address space is routed on campus only; no off-campus access to the system is possible.

[4] A Power User is able to install software, manage power and time-zone settings, and install ActiveX controls

[5] An Administrator is able to perform all functions on a computer system