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Council on promotion and tenure

Purpose, policies, and procedures

According to the College of Engineering bylaws, the Council on Promotion and Tenure shall be responsible for:

  • reviewing all recommendations for promotion and tenure, and
  • serving as an advisory group for and submitting promotion and tenure recommendations to the Dean.

See the council's Policies and Procedures.

Communications from the Council

P&T Communication 2002

P&T Communication 2005

P&T Communication 2008

Council roster

Aeronautics & Astronautics JK Yang
BioEngineering Karl Bohringer  
Chemical Engineering Rene Overney
Civil & Environmental Engineering Dorothy Reed
Computer Science & Engineering Linda Shapiro
Electrical & Computer Engineering Les Atlas
Human Centered Design & Engineering Cecilia Aragon
Industrial & Systems Engineering Archis Ghate
Materials Science & Engineering Jun Liu
Mechanical Engineering Santosh Devasia


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