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College council

Functions of this committee

According to the College of Engineering bylaws, the College Council shall be responsible for:

  • Calling a meeting of the College Faculty if requested,
  • Considering and recommending policies and procedures to the Dean and the College Executive Committee, prior to implementation or submission to the College Faculty for action in all matters of interest to the faculty including, but not limited to:
    • appointment
    • tenure and promotion (except the review of specific cases, which is the purview of the Council on Promotion and Tenure)
    • professional leave
    • compensation (including salary and fringe benefits),
    • annual evaluations,
    • academic freedom,
    • ethical conduct,
    • affirmative action,
    • consulting,
    • college allocation of resources such as space and matching funds, and
    • inter-disciplinary research and teaching activities;
  • Resolution at an informal level of intra-college differences between faculty and administrators upon written request of either of the two parties,
  • Making recommendations to the Dean regarding the College budget and resource allocation.

Committee roster

A&A Mitsuru Kurosaka
BioE Paul Yager
CEE Cynthia Chen
ChemE Hugh Hillhouse
CSE Richard Anderson
ECE Blake Hannaford
HCDE Gary Hsieh
ISE Thomas Furness
ME Steve Shen
MSE Miqin Zhang