Executive Committee

Functions of this committee

The Executive Committee is an advisory committee made up of the associate deans, department chairs and the chair of the College Council. Their primary function is to advise the Dean in administration of affairs of the College in accordance with policies established by the college faculty.

Committee roster

Title Name Phone Email
Committee Chair and Dean Nancy Allbritton 206-543-1829
Vice Dean, Research & Faculty Affairs Greg Miller 206-543-0350
Associate Dean, Advancement Judy Mahoney 206-685-2414
Associate Dean, Diversity & Access Eve Riskin 206-685-2313
Associate Dean, Infrastructure Pedro Arduino 206-543-8388
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs Brian Fabien 206-616-9474
Senior Director of Finance and Administration Kojay Pan 206-616-2605
College Council Chair Sumit Roy 206-543-0351
A&A Chair Kristi Morgansen 206-616-5950
BioE Chair Cecilia Giachelli 206-543-0205
ChemE Chair Jim Pfaendtner 206-616-8128
CEE Chair Laura Lowes 206-685-2563
CSE Director Magdalena Balazinska 206-616-1069
ECE Chair Eric Klavins 206-616-1743
HCDE Chair Julie Kientz 206-221-0614
ISE Chair Linda Ng Boyle 206-616-0245
MSE Chair Jihui Yang 206-543-2626
ME Chair Per Reinhall 206-543-5628