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MyCoE provides information, forms, and resources for faculty and staff within the UW College of Engineering.

People and Services »
A comprehensive staff directory for the Office of the Dean.
Awards & Recognition »
Information and forms for CoE's College of Engineering Awards.
General Policies »
College-wide policies including privacy, personnel, and public meetings. Also: routing information for administrative forms and due dates for HR forms.
HR Resources »
Employment related resources for CoE faculty and staff and information on policies and procedure for managers and administrative staff.
Calendars, Events, & Meetings »
Information on the various external and internal CoE calendars, event planning resources, and reserving conference rooms.
Research & Funding »
Information and policy associated with federal, industry, and CoE funding.
Engineering Teaching & Learning »
Instructional services — including consulting, workshops, and assessments — available to all UW engineering educators.
Computing Services »
Descriptions of services offered, instructional information for email and calendar software, data resources, and more.
Infrastructure Administration »
Space management, CoE buildings, maintenance requests, and HUB room scheduling
Emergency & Safety Info »
CoE and UW emergency preparedness, violence prevention, and safety resources.
Governance & Planning »
Bylaws & strategic plan, councils and committees, and accreditation (ABET).
Statistical Reports »
Access to databases including financial, student, and personnel reports (limited access).
Marketing & Communications »
Logos and letterhead for the College of Engineering and its departments plus other resources (limited access).