College of Engineering Awards

2017 College of Engineering Awardees

Faculty Award: Teaching
Steve Brunton, Mechanical Engineering
Bruce Darling, Electrical Engineering
Faculty Award: Research
Suzie Pun, Bioengineering
Faculty Award: Junior
Sean Munson, Human Centered Design & Engineering
Student Award: Teaching
Julian Yamaura, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Kerem Özcan, Human Centered Design & Engineering
Student Award: Research
Kayla Sprenger, Chemical Engineering
Aditya Vashistha, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering
Staff Award: Professional
Keshia Peters, Mechanical Engineering
Staff Award: Classified
Adam Swarm, Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute

2017 College of Engineering Awards Nominees

Faculty Awards

Steve Brunton (ME)
Bruce Darling (EE)
Carlos Guestrin (CSE)
Dianne Hendricks (BioE)
James Hermanson (AA)
Christine Luscombe (MSE)
John Sahr (EE)
Alyssa Taylor (BioE)
Linda Wagner (HCDE)

Suzie Pun (BioE)
Josh Smith (EE & CSE)

Michael Motley (CEE)
Sean Munson (HCDE)


Student Awards

Alissa Bleem (BioE)
Ahmad Milyani (EE)
Zachary Neale (MSE)
Kerem Ozcan (HCDE)
Behnoosh Parsa (ME)
Nikita Taparia (ME)
Jonathan Witt (ChemE)
Julian Yamaura (CEE)

Michael Dodd (AA)
Sarah Fox (HCDE)
Heta Kosonen (CEE)
Junwei Li (MSE)
Thomas Pryor (AA)
Kayla Sprenger (ChemE)
Jihoon Suh (HCDE)
Aditya Vashistha (CSE)
Hiromi Yasuda (AA)


Staff Awards

Raven Alexander (CSE)
Scott Bellman (Do-IT)
Jim Borgford-Parnell (Dean's Office)
Sonya Cunningham (Dean's Office)
Hassan Ghajar (EE)
Jason Howe (CSE)
Allen Lee (HCDE)
Alex Llapitan (HCDE)
Keshia Peters (ME)
Scott Winter (Dean's Office)
J. Sean Yeung (CEE)

Amanda McCracken (EE)
Adam Swarm (MOIES and CEI)
Chiemi Yamaoka (CSE)

About the Awards

The College of Engineering Awards acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of the college’s teaching and research assistants, staff, and faculty members. The categories are:

During the month of February, students, staff, and faculty members can submit online nominations for these awards. After all nominations have been received, they are reviewed by ad hoc committees who recommend the top candidates to the Dean for the final decision. Award recipients are selected in early May and are notified directly by the Dean.

Awardees and nominees are acknowledged at a college-wide reception at the end of the academic year.