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Fire Safety & Evacuation Plan for Loew Hall  (updated 10/24/2019)
This plan describes responsibilities, duties, and procedures of occupants regarding fire emergencies and building evacuations at Loew Hall.
Emergency Preparedness for Instructors and Teaching Assistants »
Includes links to posters of emergency and evacuation procedures you can print.
Hazard Fact Sheet »
Information on office supplies and their hazard potential.
Dean’s Office Accident Prevention Plan
The Dean’s Office follows the UW Accident Prevention Plan. Other departments and organizations within the College of Engineering should supplement this UW document to address additional hazards their employees may encounter. All employees should review their plan during orientation; note the New Employee Health and Safety Orientation checklist linked within the plan.
To report hateful flyers, graffiti, and vandalism within the College of Engineering 
Reporting procedures for notifying the college, university and police.

Group 9 (CoE) Health and Safety Committee

The Group 9 (CoE) Health and Safety Committee reviews CoE accident / incident reports and sends a representative to the University-Wide Health and Safety Committee. Elections are held every two years. See Health and Safety Committees on the UW Environmental Health & Safety website.

Group 9 members

Name Organization
Michael Domar Aeronautics & Astronautics
Colleen Irvin Bioengineering
Kameron Harmon Chemical Engineering
Sean Yeung; proxy Michael Brett Civil and Environmental Engineering
Alexander Lefort; proxy Adrian dela Cruz Computer Science & Engineering
Sonia Honeydew; proxy Michael Glidden College of Engineering - Dean's Office
Mike Kane; proxy Ary Prasetyowati Electrical & Computer Engineering
Stacia Green Human Centered Design & Engineering
Sheila Prusa; proxy Neelu Rajvanshi Industrial & Systems Engineering
Tatyana Galenko Materials Science & Engineering
Svenja Fleischer; proxy Bill Kuykendall Mechanical Engineering
Christine Kang UAW 4121
Group 9 Ex-Officio:
Michael Pomfret Clean Energy Institute
Andreea Minea; proxy Erin McKeown Environmental Health & Safety
John Young; proxy Madison Weaver MolES & NanoES
N. Shane Patrick; proxy Maria Huffman Washington Nanofabrication Facility

Group 9 meeting minutes and incident reports

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UW Resources

Register for all-campus sessions to learn the warning signs and how to respond to violent or potentially violent situations. Open to students, faculty and staff.

A range of safety and security links organized by category.

This video serves as a useful introduction, promoting safe work practices at the University of Washington.

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