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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion resources

Anti-racism   DEI assessment   Fostering inclusion calendar    Council of diversity advocates

This area serves as a resource repository maintained by the Office of Inclusive Excellence. Its contents are intended for use by the faculty and staff at the College of Engineering and its departments.


The Office of Inclusive Excellence will be launching training on Sovereignty and Land Acknowledgments for College of Engineering faculty and staff in the spring quarter.

This resource will:

  • Give historical context to Tribal Sovereignty in the United States
  • Talk about the meaning of land acknowledgments and best practices for including them
  • Provide guidance on the proper way to incorporate land acknowledgments into your classrooms and services

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.


Anti-Racism and creating a welcoming environment for all

Following are some of the ways racism has shown up in the College of Engineering. These actions are endemic of a long-standing problem. As we strive to build an inclusive and equitable environment for learning, research, service and outreach we ask you to review and reflect on these instances and consider the role you can play in creating a welcoming environment for all.

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Fostering inclusion calendar

Culture is one of the overarching pillars the College of Engineering pursues in our vision and commitment to building an inclusive and equitable community for all students, staff, faculty, and community members. This calendar aims to acknowledge and increase understanding of diverse cultures, traditions, values, and beliefs.

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The DEI assessment

The College engaged an external consulting firm, Erolin Solutions, to assess climate and build a strategic and sustainable approach to achieve diversity, equity and inclusion, in order to help the College meet the DEIS goals outlined through the Strategic Planning process.

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Council of Diversity Advocates (CODA) members

Department Diversity Committee Reps Email
A&A Kristi Morgansen
BioE Wendy Thomas
Lara Gamble
ChemE Cole DeForest
Elizabeth Nance
Lilo Pozzo
CEE Jessica Kaminsky
Julian Marshall
CSE Yoshi Kohno
Kevin Lin
Lauren Bricker
ECE Sam Burden
Mickey Schulz
HCDE Leah Findlater
Kathleen Rascon
ISE Linda Ng Boyle
Archis Ghate
MSE Navid Zobeiry
Ellie Roumeli
ME Nate Sniadecki
Kendra Burdett
CoE Dan Ratner
Cathryne Jordan
Lynne Spencer
Priscilla Yoon
Scott Pinkham
Sheldon Levias
Virginia Vacchiery
Shanai Lechtenberg
Robin Clayton
Deirdre Sumida
SWE Hilda Pacheco
ECE Jordan Drew