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New appointment documentation and guidelines


The processes and documentation requirements for appointing a new faculty member can vary depending upon certain aspects of the appointment, such as the proposed title and appointment duration. First, we'll review appointment documentation generally, and then discuss special circumstances and exceptions affecting documentation requirements. This web page focuses on new appointment documentation, and does not describe the faculty search and hire process, which is outlined on the Academic Human Resources web site and in the Faculty Recruitment Toolkit (DOC).

Making the offer

When you are ready to proceed with the offer process for a [Teaching/Research/Tenure Track position], take the following steps:

New appointment documentation, general guidelines

Once the candidate has accepted our offer, the Department will take the following steps:

  • Gather all appointment materials (see below for appropriate coversheet that has a list of required documents)
  • Send appointment packet to and
  • The CoE HR Specialist will draft the Dean’s Letter and send it back to the Assistant to the Chair
  • The Assistant to the Chair will load the appointment materials into Workday as a PDF for review and approval (you should only do this step if the faculty will be starting within the next 6 months, delayed starts should wait to be entered into Workday)
  • Be sure to separately upload the Relocation Incentive Form that has been approved by the Dean’s Office (and OAP if applicable), and the Sexual Misconduct Declaration form.

 Please save the materials for your department records.

New appointments to higher faculty ranks

New appointments to higher faculty ranks (such as Associate Professor, Professor, Research Associate Professor or Research Professor) are reviewed by the College of Engineering Promotion and Tenure Committee prior to the Dean's review, and require considerably more processing time than appointments to entry-level ranks. The appointment process can be thought of as two distinct processes. The first process is the preparation and submission of the dossier to the Promotion and Tenure Committee for review; the second process is the preparation and submission of the appointment dossier which is submitted to the Dean, and ultimately to the Provost and Board of Regents.

More information on new appointments to higher ranks, including a list of materials to include in the dossier can be found here.

New joint or adjunct appointments

The appointment process for new joint and adjunct titles require less documentation than that of a new hire appointment. A complete appointment packet for joint or adjunct titles will include:

  • Original Chair's letter from new joint or adjunct department recommending the appointment, with a concurrence line for the Dean
  • Concurrence from Chair of home department for adjunct appointment, or from the Chair of home department and Dean of home department's school for a joint appointment
  • Appointing department faculty vote

Title requirements matrix

Requirements for specific titles vary. Appointments to a given title may or may not require, or may require only under specific circumstances, any of the following:

  • A National Search
  • Home Department Faculty Vote
  • Approval of the Board of Regents
  • Approval of Academic Human Resources

Please contact the Dean’s Office Human Resources Department to help you better understand which of the above is required for a given title and circumstance.

Waiver of national search requirements

Note that a national search is not required for every faculty appointment type. A list of faculty appointments which do not require a national search is located on the Academic HR web site. It is important to note that by not conducting a national search for these appointments, departments may impact the appointee's permanent employment options later. In situations where a national search is not required, corresponding elements of the appointment dossier may be omitted.

In some circumstances, the department may request a waiver of national search requirements for a given recruitment when a faculty search would otherwise be required. In these circumstances, the affirmative action information (item 5 in the above list) should be replaced by an approval (generally, an email message) from the Equal Opportunity Office which releases the department from national search requirements. Departments should contact Academic Human Resources at 543-5630 for information regarding national search waivers.

Forms and letters