Procedure for Initiating a New Faculty Search

This process is for all national searches, regardless of rank or title.

  1. The unit clarifies its hiring aims (e.g., specialty, approach), and a search committee is appointed by the Chair or Dean. Agreement by the faculty on hiring aims at the beginning of the search improves the likelihood of a successful search.
  2. The search committee reviews policies and drafts a proposed advertisement.
  3. The Assistant to the Chair reviews the ad language and confirms that ad meets the requirements of the UW Faculty Advertisement Guide.
  4. If the search is for a non-professorial title (i.e. lecturers, postdocs, or visiting positions), the Assistant to the Chair sends the ad language (in the form of a Word doc.) and the Chair’s approval directly to the HR Manager (proceed to step #6).

    If the search is one of the following titles, complete step #5:

    • Professor (0101)
    • Associate Professor (0102)
    • Professor Tenure Track (0108)
    • Associate Professor Tenure Track (0109)
    • Assistant Professor (0116)
    • APL Associate Professor without Tenure (0105)
    • APL Assistant Professor without Tenure (0106)
    • APL Professor without Tenure (0104)
    • Professor without Tenure (0111)
    • Associate Professor without Tenure (0112)
    • Assistant Professor without Tenure (0113)
    • Research Professor (0141)
    • Research Associate Professor (0142)
    • Research Assistant Professor (0143)
  5. ATC completes the Request to Advertise a Faculty Position in CoE’s online Faculty Search Tool. This generates an approval process in the Dean’s Office.
  6. If the ad language requires revision, HR Manager will work with Assistant to the Chair to make changes.
  7. HR Manager completes AHR’s online Advertisement Template submission form.
  8. AHR will send an email notification indicating the information listed below. The HR Manager will forward the following to the department:

    • Your ad reference number (e.g. AA####). Be sure to include this # when advertising to track applications.
    • Link to Affirmative Action Information Request (AAIR)– a unique URL to be included in the letter of acknowledgement to all applicants.
    • Link to online Applicant Flow Report. This report will furnish the Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Office with needed information about the candidates involved in your search. This is a crucial step that must be completed prior to the submission of your New Hire Packet to AHR. If you make more than one hire from the search, you will need to request an additional applicant flow link for each new hire.
  9. Once the department receives AHR's approval (which includes ISO’s and EOO’s approval), an ad may be placed in a national print journal. Ads must appear for at least 30 days.

    Important: You may choose to post the ad to the Chronicle of Higher Education's employment website in lieu of running the ad in a national print publication. The ad must appear on the Chronicle's website for at least 30 days. If the ad was electronic, maintain a copy of your order confirmation received from the Chronicle which displays the ad type and web start date, and a copy of the ad text as it appears on the Chronicle's website. If the ad was print, maintain a copy of the page on which the ad appeared.

    You may also consider using the College of Engineering Faculty Search Tool to administer the search process. Contact the CoE HR manager for details.