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What is included?

STAR-CCM+ including all add-ons (parallel computing, design exploration/optimization, connectivity to CAD, additional CAD import formats, STAR-ICE, and more), Battery Design Studio (BDS), SPEED, DARS, and STAR-CD.

Lease Software

STAR-CCM+, BDS, SPEED, DARS, and STAR-CD can be ordered through the College of Engineering software purchasing site.  Leases renew each June

Note: UW budget number only.

Software Overview

Single interface multidisciplinary simulation tool (single/multiphase flow, combustion, CHT, structural, particle) that contains CAD, geometry import/preparation/wrapping, meshing, visualization, and automation.
More information can be found here:

License Definitions and Details

Licenses are leased as concurrent use licenses within the campus wide pool.

The Concurrent Use License (CUL) may be installed on multiple machines but a license server will regulate the usage to the number of licenses leased. A CUL requires an internet connection to the license server in order to operate.

Using STAR-CCM+ available through this program for commercial purposes is expressly excluded.

Note: Licenses available through this program renew annually each June. Each annual license will terminate and the software included in this program will stop operating after expiration of the subscription term unless renewed by the user.

Install instructions

Licenses can be ordered on the College of Engineering software purchasing site . A confirmation email will be automatically generated at the time of order. It will contain the license server host name, and port numbers used when configuring the software.

All software can be downloaded from the College of Engineering software download site. 

Detailed instructions are here 

Licensing Questions

Questions regarding STAR-CCM+ licenses including leasing, should be addressed to:

Faculty teaching STAR-CCM+ and student design teams may request FREE STAR-CCM+ POD licenses. Read more: STAR‐CCM+ Instructions for Student Design Teams and Courses 


The Siemens Support Center provides the following for all Siemens Digital Industries Software products:
• Installation files
• Knowledge base
• Documentation
• Support cases
• Product updates
• License/order information

To get access please visit the site and use the following information:
• Sold-To/Install number: 1544150
• Web Access Code (WAC): IN1HJL6K01