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Faculty, Staff, and Students

University computers only




Simio may be requested from the College of Engineering Software ordering site.

Software Overview:

Simio LLC awarded a two year grant to the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering to use Simio simulation software ( to support teaching and research in simulation.

This software is valid only for non-commercial use.
Details about valid use can be found here:

This software is full-capability software with no model size limits. It is functionally equivalent to Simio Design Edition including discrete and continuous modeling, object library development, and 3D animation.

License Details:

Version: Simio University Enterprise Edition

This is a 200 user concurrent use license. The software can be installed only on University owned computers. Access is controlled by a license server.

Expiration Date: 6/30/2022

Students may prefer to have software installed on their own computers to use at their convenience. For this, the Simio Personal Edition is offered to all Simio users and is available at no cost. The Personal Edition can be used to solve most but not all models found in the Simio textbook. The Personal Edition can be downloaded here:

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the latest Simio software from here:
  • Save the install image locally (Choose the “Save” option – and remember where you saved the file)
  • Double click on the downloaded zip file to open.
  • Select “setup” file to install Simio.
  • The “Latest” software image is updated frequently – we suggest that you check back from time to time if you want to keep current software.
  • click on link in upper right, "Enter your license key"
  • click on the button "Floating license (on a network server)"
  • click on the button "Server Settings"
  • The server host name and port number are sent to you in a confirmation email when you ordered the software.
  • The title bar in the Simio application  should now say "Simio University Enterprise Edition"

Simio Books

There are currently several books available to help learn and teach Simio. Information on these books can be found at:
Note that homework problems, solutions, examples, and complete slides (with instructor notes) are available to registered professors to accompany the Simio and Simulation: Modeling, Analysis, Applications textbook. This, combined with the other teaching resources listed below can make the transition to Simio much easier.

Learning and Teaching Resources
Our academic training materials discussed on the web site are available now. You may follow the links below to the planning guide, slides, workshops, textbooks, transition materials, and more. See for more description of the materials.

See our list of scheduled Public Training Classes ( for opportunities for attend a guided course to get up to speed quickly. These are often available at a discount for professors.

The e-book Introduction to Simio is included free as part of the Simio download (see the Simio software Support Ribbon). These six chapters and companion videos will walk you through concepts and methods for building complex models with Simio, as well as building your own custom modeling libraries for use with Simio. With the following links you can also download a higher-resolution printable version of this same book, an accompanying slide set (in case you want to teach from this), and a set of videos, recorded during a virtual class, to help you or students learn this material. *

*Session 4 was accidently recorded in a GoToMeeting format and it requires a special codec to view. If you have GTM on your machine, you should already have that codec. If not, you can obtain it from the following link:

The Success In Simulation blog ( covers many practical aspects of modeling and I recommend integrating it into your class by assigning particular articles to read each week.

There is a set of materials referred to as Learning Simio that has been used in numerous commercial courses as well as a few academic courses. Use the following links to download selection advice, slides (with speaker notes), and lab/workshop solutions. *
*This password protected file contains solutions to the workshops in the Simio Course Modules.

There are other supplemental and transition materials available. The discussion below can assist you in selecting from those materials.
– This includes slides and white papers to help ease the transition from other products. If you have previously taught Arena, you might take particular interest in course materials provided by Jeffrey Smith of Auburn that includes some Simio solutions to problems from the Simulation with Arena textbook by Kelton/Sadowski/Sturrock.
– This contains the slides designed to accompany the Discrete-Event System Simulation textbook by Banks.

Licensing Questions:

Contact the College of Engineering at