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Grad students with academic appointment

Maple may be ordered by faculty and staff on the Seattle campus only. Grad students with an academic appointment are considered staff.
The software may be run on UW owned, or personally owned equipment.

The license is perpetual.  No renewal required.  Version 2020 is the last version offered.


$100. per concurrent use license.


Maple may be requested from the College of Engineering Software ordering site.

Software Overview:

The Maple library of procedures common to many scientific and engineering applications includes: linear algebra, number theory, statistics, group theory, linear optimization, differential forms, and student calculus.

License Details:

Maple is licensed by the College of Engineering.

Maple is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux/Unix.

Users connect to UW license server to check out a license.  Maple may be installed on as many computers as you wish.  The license server restricts how many sessions can be active at any given time, based on the number of licenses ordered.

See the vendor's web site for additional information.


MaplePrimes is also available to University of Washington Maple users as part of our license.
MaplePrimes provides new add-on packages for Maple, electronic documentation, and many other Maple resources.
You may access the MaplePrimes web site at:
The UW authorization code on this web site will be sent to you after you order Maple.
This authorization code is unique to the UW and will allow each user to set-up their own personal account.

Installation Instructions:

Maple is available for download here. No media, manuals or other physical materials are included.

Complete system requirements and install instructions can be found on the vendor’s web site at:

If you experience problems setting up your Maple license:
1. Review the licensing section of the installation instructions.
2. Refer to the FAQ page at:

Technical Support:


Licensing Questions:

Contact the College of Engineering at