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AIMMS Optimization Software for Operations

AIMMS is an advanced development environment for building optimization based operations research applications and advanced planning systems. It is used by leading companies to support decision making in a wide range of industries in areas such as supply chain management, production planning, logistics, forestry planning and risk-, revenue- and asset-management.

AIMMS distinguishes itself from other optimization software by a number of advanced modeling concepts, as well as a full graphical user interface both for developers and end-users. AIMMS includes solvers for all major mathematical programming types (such as linear programming, mixed integer programming, and nonlinear programming) and can be further extended to incorporate any of the advanced commercial solvers available on the market today, making it the perfect tool for building operations research applications.

Mastering AIMMS is straightforward since the mathematical modeling language concepts will be intuitive to Operations Research professionals and the point-and-click graphical interface is easy to use. The AIMMS optimization software comes with comprehensive documentation, available electronically and in book form.

AIMMS provides an ideal platform for creating advanced prototypes that are then easily transformed into operational end-user systems.

This software is valid only for non-commercial use.

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