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Advisory Board Charter

Purposes: The College of Engineering Advisory Board will convene in order to:

  • analyze issues and make recommendations to the dean
  • provide advice and feedback on strategic planning
  • advocate for engineering with the Washington State Legislature, the UW Board of Regents and the president and provost, and other groups as appropriate
  • strengthen the college’s relationship with all constituencies
  • serve as the college’s campaign committee as appropriate

Membership: The board will include a diverse mix from the following groups: academics, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, government, engineering professional organizations, industry and corporate representation. We will consider sphere of influence, expertise, gender, geographic location, ethnicity, company affiliation in selecting a well-rounded and representative committee.

Terms of office: Members are selected to serve a three-year term. At the discretion of the Dean, members may be asked to serve one or more subsequent terms.

Committee Chair: The committee chair will be selected by the dean, in consultation with the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee will comprise 4-5 members, including the committee chair, and will advise and assist the chair and the dean in planning meetings and engaging the committee at large.

Meetings: Advisory Board meetings will be held twice annually. The all-day meetings will include presentations, discussion(s) of the issues, and working sessions. The agenda for the meeting will be developed by the dean in concurrence with the executive committee.

An informal dinner will be held the evening prior to the annual meeting.

Expectations: Members of the College of Engineering’s Advisory Board are expected to regularly attend the annual meetings, prepare for the meeting’s agenda using materials provided, advocate for the College as appropriate, and support the College annually at the President’s Club level ($2000 or more), excepting academic members.