In-Class Presentations

Due to reduced staffing, we are currently unable to offer faculty workshops, learning communities or in-class presentations. This page is archived for informational purposes.

ET&L in-class presentations are provided in collaboration with instructors to improve their students' knowledge of engineering design processes, teamwork dynamics, and other topics that draw from CELT's internationally recognized research in engineering education, as well as the learning sciences more broadly.

An in-class presentation prepares your students to make the most of their teamwork experiences, helps your students develop conceptual understanding of the design process in which they are engaged, and enhances your students’ abilities to be more self-directed in their learning.

ET&L in-class presentations are:

  • Customized and integrated with your teaching goals
  • Engaging for students and instructors
  • Research-based and collaborative
  • Memorable
"Jim Borgford-Parnell gave a guest lecture on teamwork that helped both me and the students understand how working in teams enhances learning, which was valuable for the students as they worked in teams for their final projects. Speaking to Jim about teamwork also helped me design the grading rubric and students' peer evaluations for the final project." — engineering instructor