About Us

Vision Statement

ET&L is dedicated to the concept that the engineering education endeavor is far more successful when educators and students are equipped and motivated to become active partners in achieving educational goals. We provide all of our services with the goal of supporting educators and students in the College of Engineering in their efforts to establish, strengthen, and sustain these partnerships.

Dr. Jim Borgford-Parnell

DIRECTOR & INSTRUCTIONAL CONSULTANT, 206-221-2633, Engineering Annex 201

Jim has worked as an instructional consultant in the College of Engineering since 2005. He initially joined the Center for Engineering Learning & Teaching (CELT) team and focused on CELT’s instructional services mission within the CoE. In 2015, he became the founding director of ET&L. Jim brings a wide range of experience to this position, with expertise in post-secondary and adult education, 3D design, and faculty development. He taught at the college and university level for over 35 years, in courses ranging from the fundamentals of furniture design to the fundamentals of qualitative educational research. He also taught courses in educational leadership, higher education pedagogy, and program development. Jim’s doctoral research focused on conceptions of teaching held by effective teachers in a research-intensive university.

In addition to his teaching practice, Jim has been involved in faculty development for more than 18 years, and he has experience as a department chair, academic administrator, and graduate research advisor. He has been deeply involved in teaching and learning improvement efforts at the classroom level, as well as in programmatic, departmental, and college-wide transformation initiatives. Jim has conducted instructional workshops on an array of curriculum development, learning theory, pedagogical model, and assessment topics. He has published and presented on engineering design, engineering pedagogies, and instructional development topics. He is a member of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD). 

Dr. Ken Yasuhara


Ken joined ET&L in late 2015 as an instructional consultant after several years of experience as an engineering education researcher at the Center for Engineering Learning & Teaching (CELT). Having a computer science background, Ken completed his doctoral studies here at UW in Computer Science & Engineering and has been active in the local and national engineering education communities from his graduate student days. His dissertation was education focused and examined the gender gap in undergraduate computer science. Ken is a member of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD). 

How to find ET&L

ET&L is located on the second floor of the Engineering Annex (EGA), behind the Mechanical Engineering Building. From Stevens Way, follow the driveway between the Mechanical Engineering Building and Loew Hall and take the metal stairs to enter the Engineering Annex at the second floor. We regret that the second floor of the Engineering Annex, an older building, has only stairway access. Please contact us if you wish to make alternative arrangements. We would be happy to meet you at a more convenient location.