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Education Resources & Expertise

The Office for the Advancement of Engineering Teaching & Learning (ET&L) offers a range of resources and expertise to help make targeted improvements to instruction. Instruction development strategies and education literature may be new domains for you and your colleagues, and ET&L can provide expertise that will save time by helping you quickly locate the most appropriate information to support your goals.

ET&L's resources and expertise include:

  • Examples, models, and literature customized to your specific goals
  • Expertise on curriculum development, assessments, pedagogies, and student development useful for curriculum improvement committees and grant writing support
  • Knowledge of and ready access to scholarship and best practices related to engineering education
  • Group workshops and individual consultations (e.g., we can help you find a model for assessing individual performance in a team situation)

Instructor Feedback

"ET&L's input reinforces my commitment to social/active/cooperative/collaborative learning in the engineering classroom and provides great input into making little moves forward every quarter to build a more interactive and nourishing classroom for engineering students."
"ET&L identified several types of assignments and lecture activities that the students did not find helpful. I was able to change the types of readings the students were doing to better help their learning. I was also able to give students meeting times when they needed them, during section."