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One-to-One Consultation

A one-to-one consultation is a confidential conversation with an ET&L consultant to determine together what resources, services, and advice will help you achieve your teaching goals. The consultation clarifies your goals and is often the first step in a tailored approach to teaching and course improvement. A one-to-one consultation can be in person, over the phone, or via email.

The consultation helps the consultant understand the instructor’s goals, student needs, and course content — all with careful consideration of the ever-changing classroom context. This alignment process is continuous and relies on keeping student learning as its target; the one-to-one consultation is thus only the starting point of an adaptable, multi-strategy approach toward developing more communicative, reflective, agile, and effective instruction.

Instructor Feedback

These excerpts are from instructors' evaluations of ET&L services and are typical of the feedback we receive. They are published with permission from the instructors. Since our work with instructors is confidential, their names are not given.

"Face-to-face meetings with Dr. Borgford-Parnell [have been beneficial]. He has been invariably supportive, meticulous. And interactions with him have greatly improved my pedagogical approaches. They have been extremely important to me overall."
"After my initial meeting with Jim, I completely redesigned my homework structure, which proved to be highly beneficial to student learning and cognition…I also learned from Jim to communicate with my students more—that is, to be clear and honest about my expectations from them, how grading was done, and what was going be tested on exams. Jim was incredibly insightful and encouraging."
"I liked talking through strategies around group assignments. Some students were miserable in their groups, and so Jim and I talked out ways to structure those assignments better in the future."