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Fostering inclusion calendar

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A 2023-2024 calendar to support an inclusive College of Engineering community

Mission statement

The UW College of Engineering is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. Fostering a positive diversity climate is critical to achieving its benefits and is rooted in understanding how the College influences psychological safety and a sense of belonging for all its constituents. Culture is one of the overarching pillars we pursue in our vision and commitment to building an inclusive and equitable community for all students, staff, faculty and community members. This calendar aims to acknowledge and increase understanding of diverse cultures, traditions, values and beliefs.

Why these dates?

The cultural holidays, observances and events on this calendar were identified based on the following criteria:

  1. A faculty/staff member or student observing this event may be out of the office or absent from class on this day.
  2. A faculty/staff member or student’s engagement level may be affected by rituals practiced in observance of this event (e.g., reduced energy from fasting for Ramadan or negative association with a dominant culture’s holiday, such as Thanksgiving).
  3. A faculty/staff member may not be able to participate in activities before, during or after regular business hours on this day (e.g., not participating in Halloween activities or passing on events happening on the evening of a holy day observed by the Muslim or Jewish communities).
  4. This occasion may provide an opportunity to increase dialogue and knowledge about cultural traditions, celebrations,  historical oppression, resilience, perseverance or triumph that might not otherwise present itself.


This calendar was adapted from a Cultures Connecting resource (Cultures Connecting, 2021), designed to support anti-bias efforts in organizations.

Cultures Connecting. (2021) Cultures Connecting Diversity Calendar 2021-2022 [Online Pamphlet].

Dynamic process

If you know of other holidays that meet the criteria above but were omitted, please contact the Office of Inclusive Excellence at


  • Please take notice of days that involve fasting and/or work restrictions. We encourage avoiding scheduling major meetings, exams, other events and work to accommodate these observances. Information about UW’s Religious Accommodations Policy here. 
  • Starred (*) holidays/observances begin at sunset of the date listed and go to sunset of the following day. 
  • Due to regional and cultural differences, the holidays listed may be celebrated on different dates by individuals of the same faith. 
  • Some holidays are based on the actual sighting of the moon and therefore dates may vary. 
  • For more information, click the event title to view its hyperlink.

April 2023

Date(s): Holiday / Observance: Cultural Group / Observed By: Notes
All Month Autism Acceptance Month    
All Month Arab-American Heritage Month    
March 22 – April 21* Ramadan Islamic Involves fasting, work restrictions
April 2 World Autism Awareness Day    
April 2 Palm Sunday Christian / Orthodox Work restrictions
April 2 – 8 Holy Week Christian Work restrictions
April 5 – 13* Passover Jewish Involves fasting, work restrictions
April 6 National Tartan Day Scottish American  
April 6 Holy Thursday Christian  
April 7 Good Friday Christian Work restrictions
April 9 Easter Sunday Christian Work restrictions
April 14 Vaisakhi Sikh  
April 14 Orthodox Good Friday Christian Orthodox Work restrictions
April 14 Day of Silence LBGTQ+ and Allies  
April 14-16 Bun Pi Mai (Lao New Year) Laotian  
April 14-17* Cambodian New Year Cambodian  
April 17-18 Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) Jewish  
April 18 Laylat al-Qadr (Night of Power) Islamic  
April 20-21 First Day of Riḍván Bahá'i Work restrictions
April 21-22 Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) Islamic Work restrictions
April 24 Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day    
April 24 Orthodox Easter Christian Orthodox Work restrictions
April 29 Ninth Day of Ridván Bahá'i Work restrictions
April 30 Día de los Niños Mexican  

May 2023

Date(s): Holiday / Observance: Cultural Group / Observed By: Notes
All Month Asian Pacific American Heritage Month    
All Month Mental Health Month    
May 1 Beltane Neo-Pagan  
May 1 May Day (International Workers’ Day) International  
May 2 Twelfth Day of Ridván Bahá'i Work restrictions
May 4 Dharma Day Buddist  
May 5 Cinco de Mayo United States / Mexican  
May 10 Día de las Madres (Mother’s Day) Mexico/ Latin America Not celebrated May 14th
May 14 Mother’s Day United States  
May 17 International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia LGBTQIA+  
May 24 Declaration of the Báb Bahá'i  
May 25 – 27 Shavuot Jewish  
May 26 Buddha Day / Visakha Puja / Vesek Buddhist  
May 28 Pentecost Christian  
May 29 Ascension of Bahá'u'lláh Bahá'i  
May 29 Memorial Day United States University observed holiday

June 2023

Date(s): Holiday / Observance: Cultural Group / Observed By: Notes
All month Pride Month    
All month Caribbean-American Heritage Month    
June 2 Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 Native American  
June 5 World Environment Day International  
June 11 Race Unity Day    
June 12 Loving Day International/ LGBTQ+ & Allies  
June 12 Philippine Independence Day Filipino  
June 18 Father’s Day United States  
June 19 Juneteenth United States Observed holiday on June 20
June 20-22 Summer Solstice/ Litha Neo-Pagan  
June 26 – July 1 Hajj Islamic  
June 28 – 29 Eid-ul-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) Islamic Work restrictions

July 2023

Date(s): Holiday / Observance: Cultural Group / Observed By: Notes
All month Disability Pride Month LGBTG+ and ADA  
July 4 Independence Day   University observed holiday
July 6 17th of Tammuz Jewish  
July 9* Martyrdom of the Báb Bahá'i  
July 14 International Non-Binary People’s Day International  
July 18 – 19 Hijri New Year (Islamic New Year) Islamic  
July 19 Muharram Islamic  
July 19 – August 16 Al Hijra / Muharram Islamic  
July 23 Birthday of Haile Selassie Rastafarian  
July 26 Disability Independence Day United States  
July 26* Tisha B’Av Jewish Fasting
July 27* Ashura Islamic Work restrictions

August 2023

Date(s): Holiday / Observance: Cultural Group / Observed By: Notes
August 1 Lughnasadh Neo-Pagan  
August 1 Asalha Puja Buddhist Work restrictions
August 1 – 6 International Youth Day International  
August 9 International Day of World’s Indigenous People Indigenous People United Nations Holiday
August 13 – 16 Obon Japanese Buddhist Work restrictions
August 26 Women’s Equality Day United States  
August 30 Raksha Bandhan Hindu  

September 2023

Date(s): Holiday / Observance: Cultural Group / Observed By: Notes
September 4 Labor Day United States University observed holiday
September 6-7 Krishna Janmashtami Hindu  
September 11 – 18 Paryushana Jain  
September 12 Enkutatash (Ethiopian New Year) Ethiopian  
September 15-17* Rosh Hashanah Jewish Work restrictions
September 15 - October 15 Hispanic Heritage Month    Also referred to as Latino/x Heritage Month
September 16 Mexican Independence Day Mexican  
September 18 Tzom Gedaliah Jewish Involves fasting
September 19 Ganesh Chaturthi Hindu Work restrictions
September 19-25 International Week of the Deaf International  
September 21-29 Mabon Neo-Pagan  
September 23 International Day of Sign Languages International  
September 24-25* Yom Kippur Judaism Fasting, work restrictions
September 26-27* Mawlid al-Nabi Judaism Fasting, work restrictions
September 28 Meskel Ethiopian & Eritrean Orthodox  
September 28-30 Chuseok Korea  
September 29 Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival) China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Vietnam  
September 29 - October 6 Sukkot Jewish Work restrictions

October 2023

Date(s): Holiday / Observance: Cultural Group / Observed By: Notes
All Month Disability Employment Awareness Month    
All Month LGBT History Month    
All Month Filipino American History Month    
October 6 – 8* Shemini Àtzeret Jewish Work restrictions
October 7 – 8* Simchat Torah Jewish Work restrictions
October 9 Indigenous People’s Day United States  
October 10 World Mental Health Day International  
October 11 National Coming Out Day United States  
October 15-24 Navartri Hindu  
October 16 Birth of the Báb Bahá'i Work restrictions
October 16-17* Birth of Bahá’u’lláh Bahá'i Work restrictions
October 17 Spirit Day LGBTQ+ and Allies  
October 24 Dussehra (Dassera) Hindu Work restrictions
October 31 Reformation Day Christian  
October 31 Halloween United States  
October 31 - Nov 1 Samhain/ Beltane Wicca/ Paganism  

November 2023

Date(s): Holiday / Observance: Cultural Group / Observed By: Notes
All Month Native American Heritage Month    
November 1 All Saint’s Day Anglican & Roman Catholic  
November 1-2 Día de los Muertos Mexican  
November 8 Birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurpurab Sikh Work restrictions
November 11 Veteran’s Day United States University observed holiday
November 12 Diwali Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Buddhist Work restrictions
November 20 Transgender Day of Remembrance LGBTQ+  
November 23 Thansgiving Day United States University observed holiday
November 24 Native American Heritage Day United States University observed holiday
November 27-28* Ascension of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá Bahá'i  

December 2023

Date(s): Holiday / Observance: Cultural Group / Observed By: Notes
December 1 World AIDS Day    
December 7-15* Chanukah (Hanukkah) Jewish  
December 8 Feast of the Immaculate Conception Catholic  
December 8 Bodhi Day Buddhist  
December 12 Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe Mexican Catholic  
December 16-24 Las Posadas Mexican  
December 16-24 Simbang Gabi Filipino Catholic  
December 21 - January 1 Yule (Winter Solstice) Neo-Pagan  
December 25 Christmas Day Christian University observed holiday
December 26 - January 1 Kwanzaa African American  

January 2024

Date(s): Holiday / Observance: Cultural Group / Observed By: Notes
January 1 New Year’s Day International Observed on January 2
January 1 – 3 Shōgatsu Japanese  
January 6 Epiphany (Three Kings Day) Latin America & Caribbean  
January 15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day United States University observed holiday
January 15 Makar Sankranti Hindu  
January 20 Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh Sikh  
January 27 International Holocaust Remembrance Day International  

February 2024

Date(s): Holiday / Observance: Cultural Group / Observed By: Notes
All Month Black History Month    
February 1 National Freedom Day African American  
February 1-2* Imbolc Neo-Pagan  
February 3 Setsubun Japanese  
February 6-7* Lailat al Miraj Muslim  
February 10 Tết Vietnamese  
February 10 Lunar New Year East & Southeast Asian  
February 14 Valentine's Day International  
February 14 Ash Wednesday Christian  
February 14-28 Lent Christian  
February 15 Nirvana Day Buddhist  
February 19 Day of Remembrance United States/ Japanese American  
February 19 Presidents’ Day United States University observed holiday
February 24 Magha Puja Day Buddhist  

March 2024

Date(s): Holiday / Observance: Cultural Group / Observed By: Notes
All Month Women’s History Month    
All Month Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month    
March 1 – 19 Nineteen-Day Fast Bahá'i Involves fasting
March 8 Maha Shivaratri Hindu Work restrictions
March 8 International Women’s Day    
March 10 - April 9 Ramadan Islam Involves fasting
March 17 St. Patrick's Day Irish  
March 19-20* Naw Rúz Bahá'I / Persian / Kurdish / Zoroastrianism Work restrictions
March 20-21 Persian New Year (Nowruz) Iranian Work restrictions
March 21 International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination International  
March 23-24* Purim Jewish  
March 24-25* Holi Hindu  
March 24 Palm Sunday Christian/Orthodox  
March 24-30 Holy Week Christian/Orthodox  
March 28 Holy Thursday Christian/Orthodox  
March 29 Good Friday Christian/Orthodox  
March 31 César Chávez Day United States  
March 31 International Transgender Day of Visibility International  
March 31 Easter Sunday Christian