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Faculty Member Position Research Areas
Chen, Cynthia
(206) 543-8974
MOR 133A
Interim Chair of Industrial & Systems Engineering

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Industrial & Systems Engineering

Chen, Xu
(206) 543-5705
MEB 325
Bryan T. McMinn Endowed Research Professor in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Associate Professor

Chen, Tai-Chang
(206) 221-5388
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Assistant Teaching Professor

Chiu, Daniel
(206) 543-1655
BAG 204

Joint A. Bruce Montgomery Professor

Choe, Youngjun
(206) 221-8908
AER 141F
Industrial & Systems Engineering
Associate Professor

Choi, Yejin
(206) 685-2969
Computer Science & Engineering
Assistant Professor

  • Language and Vision; Language Grounding
  • Writing Style; Language of Deception; Intent and Identity
  • Learning Connotation of a Network of Words
Chudler, Eric
(206) 616-6899
RUSS 204
Executive Director, Center for Neurotechnology, UW

Research Associate Professor

Chung, Jae-Hyun
(206) 543-4355
MEB 303
Mechanical Engineering
Associate Professor