Faculty & Research

New Engineering Faculty 2011

This year UW Engineering has attracted nine outstanding new faculty members to our departments. We are excited to have these distinguished professors join our community of innovators.

Wanpracha 'Art' Chaovalitwongse photoWanpracha “Art” Chaovalitwongse »

Department: Industrial & Systems Engineering, Radiology

Research focus: Decision-making paradigms that analyze complex data and systems to address computational challenges in health care, computational biology and logistics.

Kai-Mei Fu photoKai-Mei Fu »

Department: Electrical Engineering and Physics

Research focus: Optical control and characterization of spins in solids, including semiconductor carriers and diamond color centers for applications in quantum information processing, spintronics, and magnetic sensing/imaging.

Daniel Kirschen photoDaniel Kirschen »

Department: Electrical Engineering

Research focus: Smart grid technology to improve the reliability, reduce the cost, and integrate renewable sources of energy systems; operational security of power systems to better understand processes that lead to large-scale blackouts.

Arvind Krishnamurthy photoArvind Krishnamurthy »

Department: Computer Science & Engineering

Research focus: Distributed systems and computer networks including peer-to-peer systems; Internet availability; distributed storage systems; and network management, measurements and security.

Rebecca Neumann photoRebecca Neumann »

Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Research focus: Understanding how land-surface modifications affect human and environmental health by altering the fluxes of water, nutrients, carbon and contaminants in underlying soils, with the goal of informing policy decisions.

Jonathan Posner photoJonathan Posner »

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Research focus: Micron- and nanometer-length scale fluid dynamics and transport physics in micro/nanofluidic devices, electrochemical energy storage and conversion, and environmental and health impacts of nanomaterials.

Joseph Wartman photoJoseph Wartman »

Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Research focus: Geotechnical earthquake engineering, natural hazards, engineering geomorphology, and sustainable geotechnics to understand and forecast the effects of earthquakes on natural systems and the built environment.

Jihui Yang photoJihui Yang »

Department: Materials Science & Engineering

Research focus: Novel materials for energy storage and conversion, including high efficiency thermoelectricity for automotive thermoelectric generators, and advanced battery electrode materials.