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Faculty & research

New Engineering Faculty 2010

This year UW Engineering has attracted 11 outstanding new faculty members to our departments. We are excited to have these distinguished professors join our community of innovators.

Cecilia Aragon photoCecilia Aragon »

Department: Human Centered Design & Engineering

Research focus: Human-computer interaction in scientific collaborations, computer-supported cooperative work, eScience, visualization, visual analytics, eye tracking.

Hugh Hillhouse photoHugh Hillhouse »

Department: Chemical Engineering

Research focus: Understanding the fundamental physical, chemical, and biomolecular processes involved in assembling nanomaterials and devices that will allow transition from traditional fossil fuel resources to renewable, clean energy resources.

Deok-Ho Kim photoDeok-Ho Kim »

Department: Bioengineering

Research focus: The development of micro- and nanofabricated scaffolds and integrated, lab-on-a-chip devices for cell biology and tissue engineering that can be used in diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

Peter Pauzauskie photoPeter Pauzauskie »

Department: Materials Science & Engineering

Research focus: Molecular engineering; design, synthesis, and integration of nanoscale optoelectronic materials; cavity optomechanics using optical dielectrophoresis (laser/optoelectronic tweezers); subwavelength molecular biosensors; nanomedicine.

Joshua Smith photoJoshua Smith »

Departments: Computer Science & Engineering; Electrical Engineering

Research focus: Sensor systems: inventing new sensor systems, devising new ways to power them, and developing algorithms for using them. The research has application in the domains of ubiquitous computing, robotics, and human-computer interaction.

Candan Tamerler-Behar photoCandan Tamerler-Behar »

Department: Material Science & Engineering

Research focus: Protein-based materials and systems where the peptide functionalities are genetically controlled, with emphasis on genetic selection of material-specific proteins and their utilization as synthesizers, assemblers, and scaffolds.

Ruikang "Ricky" Wang photoRuikang "Ricky" Wang »

Department: Bioengineering

Research focus: The interaction of light with biological tissues as a means to measure/image the properties of tissue, both morphological, functional and molecular. These techniques can inform the diagnosis and therapeutic treatment of abnormal states of tissue produced, for example, by cancer and neurological diseases.

Paul Wiggins photoPaul Wiggins »

Departments: Bioengineering; Physics

Research focus: Understanding how biological systems function and are structured at the microscopic scale, including the development of new mathematical models of biological systems at increasing levels of abstraction.

Xiaodong Xu photoXiaodong Xu »

Departments: Materials Science & Engineering; Physics

Research focus: Optoelectronic, spintronic, and photovoltaic applications of carbon-based nanomaterials.

Luke Zettlemoyer photoLuke Zettlemoyer »

Department: Computer Science & Engineering

Research focus: Artificial intelligence including natural language processing, machine learning, and decision making under uncertainty.

Qifeng Zhang photoQifeng "Jeff" Zhang »

Department: Materials Science & Engineering

Research focus: Engineering applications of nano-structured materials on electrical devices including solar cells, UV light-emitting diodes (LEDs), field-effect transistors (FETs), and gas sensors.