Placement Data

The first Direct to College cohort of Engineering Undeclared (ENGRUD) students entered the UW in autumn 2018 and the first placement cycle occurred in July 2019. Here are the results of the first placement cycle.

Placement cycle 1 (P1)

592 ENGRUD students requested placement
416 ENGRUD students were placed in engineering majors
405 ENGRUD students placed in their first or second choice majors
21 ENGRUD students admitted to the Computer Science major through the Allen School competitive application process

P1 placements compared to 1st choice placement requests

Major Placements Number of 1st choice requests
Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering 30 49
Bioengineering 39 69
Chemical Engineering 30 28
Civil Engineering 28 22
Computer Engineering 41 154
Electrical Engineering 92 73
Environmental Engineering 9 7
Human Centered Design & Engineering 29 30
Industrial Engineering 20 15
Materials Science & Engineering 19 16
Mechanical Engineering 79 129
Grand total 416 592

Placement cycle 2 (P2)

The first cohort of Engineering Undeclared (ENGRUD) students has a second opportunity to request placement in engineering majors during Placement 2 (P2).

375-425 Estimated number of ENGRUD students from this cohort who will request placement.

There is space across the majors for all of these students.

All majors, except computer engineering, retained at least 30% of the space available for ENGRUD students for P2 in January. The Allen School anticipates being able to place 10 ENGRUD students in computer engineering in P2.