Creating Your Educational Plan

To be placed or admitted into an engineering major, you need to know which courses to take. The resources below help you plan your coursework and make the most of your UW and College of Engineering experience.

Compare required coursework by major

Each engineering department requires certain courses in math, science, communication, and engineering fundamentals. Depending on your student status, requirements vary:

Your student status Required coursework
ENGRUD student Placement Requirements by Major for ENGRUD Students
Prospective transfer student
Current UW student, not Engineering Undeclared
Prerequisites by Major for Transfer and Non-DTC Students

Major requirements and sample 4-year plans

Below are four-year sample plans and overall graduation requirements for each engineering major and links to the UW course catalog for each department. Your actual course schedule will vary, based on your academic background and course availability.

Explore Engineering links to sample course schedules for meeting major placement requirements in each UW Engineering area of impact.

Please check with the specific engineering department adviser or at the Engineering Advising Center (Loew 301) for most recent materials. Contact information is located at the end of each sample plan.