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ENGRUD Policies

To maintain Engineering Undeclared (ENGRUD) status, students must:

1. Complete at least one of the following courses at the UW each quarter:
AA 210
AA 260
BIOEN 215 or ENGR 115
BIOL 180
BIOL 200
BIOL 220
CEE 220
CHEM 110
CHEM 142
CHEM 143
CHEM 145
CHEM 152
CHEM 153
CHEM 155
CHEM 162
CHEM 165
CHEM 223
CHEM 224
CHEM 237
CHEM 238
CSE 142
CSE 143
EE 215
EE 233
EE 235
IND E 250
IND E 315
MATH 120
MATH 124
MATH 125
MATH 126
MATH 134
MATH 135
MATH 136
MATH 207 (or MATH 307)‡
MATH 208 (or MATH 308)‡
MATH 209 (or MATH 309)‡
MATH 224 (or MATH 324)‡
ME 123
ME 230
MSE 170
PHYS 121
PHYS 122
PHYS 123
PHYS 141
PHYS 142
PHYS 143
STAT 220
STAT 221
STAT 311
STAT 390

‡ As of autumn 2021, MATH 307, MATH 308, MATH 309, and MATH 324 are renumbered as MATH 207, MATH 208, MATH 209, and MATH 224, respectively. Students can apply either the 200- or 300-level number for each course toward their degree requirements.

2. Earn/maintain a 2.50 UW ENGRUD grade point average (GPA) across the above courses:
  • You must maintain a 2.50 GPA across the courses listed above taken at UW (not a 2.5 in each individual course). Grades in courses taken at another school are not counted as part of your UW ENGRUD GPA.
  • The College of Engineering follows the UW policies around repeating a course. Please talk to your adviser if you’re considering retaking a course.
  • Your grades in English composition and ENGR 231 are also included in your ENGRUD GPA.
  • Each placement requirement course must be completed with a 2.0 grade or higher.
  • Note for AUT19 ENGRUD students: Bioengineering requires a 2.5 grade in CHEM 162 for placement.
3. Be placed into an engineering major within the time limits.
  • Students must be in good standing in the College of Engineering in order to be eligible to request placement.
  • It is expected that students will be placed into an engineering major after completion of 3 or 4 quarters at the UW.
  • It is required that students must be placed into an engineering major after completion of 6 quarters at the UW (excluding summer quarters).
  • Those who are unable to place into a major before exceeding this requirement will be dropped from ENGRUD status in the College of Engineering and transitioned to pre-major status.

Review and notification of progress

  • Students’ progress will be reviewed each quarter based on what’s outlined above. If a student’s performance fails to meet the standards outlined above, they will receive a warning email outlining their required next steps that include setting up an appointment with their assigned engineering adviser.
  • Students on ENGRUD warning status who fail to meet satisfactory progress requirements after one quarter will be placed on ENGRUD status probation and a hold will be placed on their registration. To remove the hold, students must meet with a College of Engineering adviser.
  • Students on ENGRUD status probation who fail to meet satisfactory progress requirements after one quarter will be dropped from Engineering Undeclared status and transitioned to pre-major status.

ENGRUD reinstatement process

Students dropped from Engineering Undeclared status and transitioned to pre-major status as a result of not meeting continuation requirements may appeal for continuation as an Engineering Undeclared student by submitting a statement and submitting an educational plan. Students who have exceeded 6 quarters at the UW without placing into an engineering major are not eligible to appeal for continuation of their ENGRUD status.

The appeal statement should be no more than 750 words and should address the following:

  1. What has caused you to be dropped from ENGRUD status? Identify the barriers to your academic success. Be specific.
  2. What are the behaviors and circumstances that you have already changed or that you plan to change so that your academic success improves? This could include habits, practices, or resources that address physical health, mental health, time management, study habits, etc. Be specific. For example, "trying harder" is not a behavior change.
  3. How will you hold yourself accountable to these changes?

The educational plan should include the classes a student plans to take to complete placement requirements and transition into an engineering major. Students should also indicate when they plan to request placement and what engineering major(s) they plan to rank.

Appeals should be submitted to the College of Engineering Advising Office,

Quarter Deadline for ENGRUD status appeal
Autumn by 5:00 p.m. (PST) the first Thursday in September
Winter or Spring by 5:00 p.m. (PST) the first Thursday of the quarter

If a student chooses to appeal, submission of appeal documents as soon as possible after a student’s final grades are posted is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.

Students will be notified of the decision within two weeks of the deadline. The decision about a student’s appeal will be sent to their official UW email account.

If a student’s appeal is approved, the student’s major status will be changed back to ENGRUD and they will be on ENGRUD status probation. Students cannot appeal more than once.

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