Area of Impact: Air & Space

Captivated by the mystery of space? Want to help revolutionize technology to enable exploration of the edges of the universe? Passionate about creating affordable and efficient options to move people around the globe? Want to learn to design satellites, missiles and other technologies to improve national security?

Explore your passions and the academic and career pathways available to you.

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Choose meaningful general education courses

You can fulfill your general education requirements while building the context and creativity you'll need to engineer solutions to meaningful problems. Keep in mind that in your first year, you may want to start out in 100 or 200 level classes and build towards upper-division coursework throughout your time at the UW.

For example:

  • ESS 102 Space and Space Travel (I&S)
  • HSTCMP 217 The Space Age (I&S)
  • ATM S 212 Air Pollution: From Urban Smog to the Ozone Hole
  • GEOG 435 Industrialization and Urbanization in China (I&S)
  • SOC 466 Economic Sociology (I&S)
  • GEOG 208 Geography of the World Economy: Regional Fortunes and the Rise of Global Markets

General education requirements

As a UW student, you are required to take general education courses. As an engineering student, this typically consists of:

  • 10 credits of Visual, Literary, & Performing Arts (VLPA)
  • 10 credits of Individuals & Societies (I&S)
  • 4 credits of VLPA or I&S
  • 3 credits of Diversity (DIV)

Get involved!

Join student organizations working in your area of interest. You’ll make friends who have similar interests while building skills working on your passions!

Study abroad opportunities

Here are some examples of study abroad programs that could deepen your understanding of the way engineering can impact the lives of people around the world.

Many study abroad programs include engineering classes, participation in research or internships. See UW Engineering's Study Abroad page to learn more and start the planning process.

Capstone design projects in air and space

In your final year, you will participate in a capstone design experience that serves as a culmination of your engineering study. Past capstone projects in air and space have included:

  • Aeronautics & Astronautics and Electrical & Computer Engineering students designed an electronic angle-of-attack sensor to enhance autonomous landing capabilities
  • Chemical Engineering students designed fire-fighting drones (SWARMFx) that could be deployed to forest fires as well as a paint additive (Polydrop)

Learn more: See Industry Capstone Projects (2018-2019) and a list of department-based capstone projects.

Join a research team

Every UW Engineering department offers undergraduate research opportunities. To get started: