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For Students

PEERs 3-credit course - Offered each academic year, the PEERs course will enlist engineering students' energy, creativity, social conscience, and on-the-ground perspectives in improving the diversity environment in the UW College of Engineering. Students will explore topics such as diversity in science and engineering, impact of unconscious bias, community engagement, leadership, etc. The seminar will culminate in a student-developed short presentation which will be the core of presentations in the College of Engineering PEERs initiative. Students who successfully complete the seminar can apply for quarter-long internship opportunities as PEER Leaders.

PEER Leaders - Our peer-to-peer educators are educated on the social science and psychology of underrepresented student experiences, and the impact of unconscious bias. This leadership and skills-building opportunity allows students to participate in PEERs program presentations, and assist in program coordination, development and outreach. Students can earn internship credit for being a PEERs leader.

Student Presentations - Through the PEERs course, our students will develop presentations about the experiences of underrepresented students in
engineering and strategies to improve relationships in engineering classes and other student venues.

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