Leadership Education

Our PEER Leaders will develop presentations to inform and educate faculty and staff across campus.

Impact at the faculty level will occur through two initiatives:

Faculty Outreach - PEER Leaders have presented at faculty meetings for many levels of the College of Engineering. These faculty meeting visits broaden the impact of the program to include faculty. You can view past PEER Leader Presentations online, or let us know if you'd like PEER Leaders to meet with your faculty or department.

In the third year of the project, best practice findings from PEERs will be a featured topic at ADVANCE’s quarterly leadership workshop for department chairs. These quarterly leadership workshops have been held since Fall 2002, are well attended, and are highly valued by Engineering department chairs as a venue for leadership development.

Staff Outreach - PEERs staff and PEER Leaders will educate staff of existing programs that serve one underrepresented group to be more prepared to address issues related to students who identify with more than one underrepresented group and as such are underrepresented groups within their target population (e.g., help those who mentor women in engineering more effectively serve women in engineering with disabilities).

Featured Presentation for Faculty & Staff

First slide of Spring Faculty Meeting powerpoint

PEER Leaders presented at the 2010 Spring Faculty Meeting. View their presentation (pdf) (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader; if you require an alternate format please let us know).

Contact Our Organization

For more information about PEERs, please contact us at peers@uw.edu.