Hiring and Managing Staff


Employee-Types: Hiring Options

Job Class Codes (UW): Classified Staff | Professional Staff

New Hire Payroll Forms

The following must be completed by the new employee in Workday:

  1. Form I-9 - Employment Eligibility Verification
  2. W4 Form - Federal Withholding Elections
  3. Affirmative Action Form
  4. Direct Deposit Form

Classified Staff, Professional Staff, and Student Workers

Hiring Process Guide (UW)

Sample Appointment Letters (UW)

New Hire Checklist for Managers (CoE)

Submit Student Hourly Appointment information (used by Dean's Office and programs)

New Stipend Appointment Form (used by Dean's Office and programs)

Academic Student Employees

Hiring Academic Student Employees (CoE)

Academic Student Employee (ASE) Request Form (used by Dean's Office and programs; now includes Article 14 Job Titles and Classifications on pg. 2)

ASE Offer Letter Template and Forms

Hiring Work Study Student Employees - Dean's Office Policy (CoE)

Interns and Volunteers

Guidelines for Hiring Interns (CoE)

Intern Agreement Form (CoE)

Minor Intern Agreement Form (CoE)


Setting Expectations (CoE)

Performance Management (CoE)

Manager Resources (UW)

Rewarding and Recognizing Employees (CoE)
(see also Community of Innovators Awards)

Request Approval to Pay Excess Compensation (CoE web form)


Probation, Trial Service, and Layoff Trial Periods

Employee Separations: A Checklist for Managers (CoE)

Request to Initiate Layoff - Classified & Professional Staff (CoE)