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Dean’s Office AV equipment and reservation



The following equipment is only available for use by Dean’s Office staff.


  • There are two laptops - Rebel and Empire.
  • Each laptop includes one charger, one adapter, and one copy of user guide in its carrying case.
  • The user will need to use their UWNetID and password to login.
  • Email for additional instructions.

LCD projectors

  • There are two NEC Portable Projectors.
  • Each projector includes one remote, one power cable, and one computer connector cable in its carrying case. Before checking out a projector, be sure to check that you have the appropriate connections. Adapters are available if necessary.
  • When turning off the projector, make sure it has completed its “cooling” stage to avoid the bulb being susceptible to breakage.
  • 372 Projector and Laptop
    • There is one dedicated projector and laptop set that is always available to use with Loew 372 conference room reservations. There is no need to create a separate reservation for this.

Meeting Owls

There are two Meeting Owls – Hermes and Artemis.

Using the Meeting Owls

The Meeting Owl Pros are used for hybrid meetings. They make the in-person meeting space more accessible for remote participants, providing video and audio that highlights whoever is speaking in the meeting space.

Owl instructions

The Owl comes with a power cord and a USB cord to connect with your computer. Both plug in on the bottom of the Owl, and it should connect seamlessly to your computer and work with your video streaming software.

If you are having a large hybrid meeting, two Owls can be paired up to increase their effectiveness in a large space. You will need to download the Meeting Owl app to pair the Owls. The app will give you instructions. The primary Owl should be connected to power and a computer via USB, while the secondary Owl should only be plugged into power and not a computer. In the app, select the name of the primary Owl, followed by the name of the secondary Owl to begin pairing. The owls should be “looking” at each other – eyes will appear to help you orient the Owls.

For detailed instructions with visuals, please visit the Owl Labs' website

Miscellaneous equipment

  • Computer mouse (one, wired, USB)
  • Speakers (one set)
  • Adapters and cords
  • Ethernet to USB x2
  • HDMI cord (1 ft)
  • HDMI to Micro HDMI Type D
  • HDMI input to Micro HDMI Type D
  • Mini DisplayPort to VGA
  • S-Video cable (old but good condition, not used in anything these days)
  • VGA/DVI adapter x2
  • 1 power extension cord with 3 outlets
  • 6 ft 2-slot power cord x3


  • There is one TV on a cart in the closet of conference room 355.
  • The cart includes one power strip extension cord and one HDMI cable.


  • There is one Polycom conference phone available for use in conference room 355.
  • UW Meet-Me Conferencing: up to 50 participants
    Dean’s Office conference number: 206-616-CONF (206-616-2663)
    Conference PIN: 928108


To reserve equipment in advance, please use the Outlook Scheduling Assistant, select “Add Attendees,” and search for "COE.Dean Office Shared Equipment.” Please add the equipment you are requesting into the subject (if a unique reservation) or the meeting notes (if adding this to a meeting invitation). If a recurring request, please set the recurrence when you send the invitation. You will receive a tentative confirmation, acknowledging receipt of your reservation request. The request will be reviewed and approved or declined based on availability and you will be notified of the decision.

When equipment is borrowed, a staff member must sign out equipment at pick up and sign it back in upon its return. Please make sure to return all equipment (including adapters, USB cords, power cords, etc.) to the front desk promptly upon the conclusion of your meeting. Equipment can be used without a conference room reservation and outside of Loew Hall.