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What is COE-VDI?

COE-VDI is a Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure. Using VMWare Horizon software, it provides a flexible Windows Desktop experience for students currently enrolled in the College of Engineering at the University of Washington Seattle Campus.

Each COE-VDI session is hosted on our VMware Horizon data center servers and provides the operating system and all necessary software as part of the desktop environment. Each session is created on-demand and provides a clean workstation environment for each user when they log on.

Because the VDI cluster is funded via STF, it is restricted to educational use only. Research use is not allowed.

Why use COE-VDI?

COE-VDI allows COE Students to access a managed workstation like they may find in their department’s student computer labs. COE-VDI desktops can be accessed from anywhere using the VMware Horizon Client or COE-VDI webpage.

In addition to improved accessibility, COE-VDI can help give students access to university licensed software from anywhere, using any device with an Internet connection—24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Quick-Start Connect to COE-VDI

For more in-depth instructions, please see: Getting Started with COE-VDI.

Using a variety of different devices, COE-VDI may be accessed both on and off campus. Logging in with your UW NetID, you may access the COE-VDI VM pools by using either the VMware Horizon Client, or the COE-VDI webpage. As our GPU licenses are limited, we ask that students default to using the "COE Lab" VM pool. The non GPU enabled VMs have 12GB of RAM compared to the GPU VMs that have 8GB of RAM. 

How to request access

Access is enabled by default for all College of Engineering Students. Faculty or students needing access to additional applications or desktop pools should contact the COE-VDI help desk (you must use a UW or Gmail email address).