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Leadership Academy

Leadership training is shown to encourage women and underrepresented students to seek out and achieve leadership roles throughout their careers while also reducing the effects of social and cultural discouragement.

The Women's Leadership Academy (WLA) is a nine-week program offered in spring quarter. The program is intended to encourage leadership identity development, foster a supportive community, and provide resources for academic persistence. Students in the WLA will have access to professional engineers who act as coaches, mentors and leaders. The WLA is open to all our WE Rise community upper-division students. The program emphasizes issues and topics that impact womxn but welcomes all students who would like to be a part of the WE Rise community.

The program enables participants to:

  • Experience first-hand learning opportunities they may not otherwise encounter in their academic pathway
  • Explore and understand issues and critical gaps that may affect them as leaders including gender schema, cultural stereotyping, imposter syndrome, implicit bias, and more
  • Learn about authentic leadership and theories, holistic approaches, strategies, tools, and resources that will enhance confidence building while building their leadership potential
  • Gain professional development and practice professional skills to enhance their resumes
  • Learn how to recognize and build promotional opportunities as well as highlight their own innovation and entrepreneurship skills
  • Receive tools to ease the transition in climate and culture from academia to the workforce