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Student support resources

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Academic support

Instructor Sheldon Levias works with students on math skills

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CHEM 110
CHEM 142/152/162
CHEM 145/155/165

Chemistry Study Center

TAs assist with introductory chemistry courses in a collaborative space where students typically sit together based on the course they need help with.

Location: Bagley Hall room 330
More info: Chemistry Study Center website

MATH 120, 124, 125, 126

Math Study Center

A comfortable place and a supportive atmosphere to study in groups or individually. Tutors (grad student TAs and advanced undergrads) will sit down and answer questions.

Location: Communications Building room B-014
More info: Math Study Center website

PHYS 114/115/116
PHYS 121/122/123

Physics Study Center

A place for students to work cooperatively on Physics problems. TAs circulate from table to table to assist groups stuck on an issue and then move on.

Location: Phys/Astronomy Building A room AM018 (lower level)
More info: Physics Study Center website

STAT 220, 221, 311, 390, 391
PSYCH 315, 317, 318
INDE 315
QSCI 381

Statistics Tutor & Study Center

Drop-in tutoring for all students enrolled in UW introductory statistics courses. Many faculty and TAs hold office hours in the center as well.

Location: Communications Bldg room B023
More info: Statistics Tutor & Study Center website

General academic support

CLUE Center for Learning & Undergraduate Enrichment

  • Late-night academic center that offers tutoring, exam reviews, and more.
  • Support for select courses during the day to students using the Commuter and Transfer Commons (CTC)

Location: Mary Gates Hall Commons
More info: CLUE website

Instructional Center

A comprehensive academic support center focused on supporting under-represented minority, first-generation college and economically disadvantaged students.

Location: 1307 NE 40th St
More info: Instructional Center website

Support for engineering courses

Engineering Academic Center (EAC)

Workshops, learning communities, informal study sessions, drop-in tutoring and a relaxed place to study.

Location: Loew Hall
More info: EAC website

Support for students with disabilities


Learn from some participants in projects supported by the DO-IT center at the University of Washington about their experiences and recommendations for other students with disabilities who are taking online courses.

More info: AccessComputing website

Disability Resources for Students (DRS)

DRS is dedicated to ensuring access and inclusion for all students with disabilities. Students partner with our office to establish services for their access and inclusion on campus.

More info: DRS website

Disabilities Opportunities Internetworking Technology (DO-IT )

DO-IT encourages individuals with disabilities to take on challenging academic programs and careers by promoting the use of technology to increase independence and productivity.

More info: DO-IT website

Writing and Research —
any and all phases

Odegaard Writing and Research Center

Peer tutors and librarians help on any project in all aspects of writing: understanding an assignment, research, brainstorming, outlining, drafting, and revising.

Location: Odegaard Undergraduate Library room 326
More info: Odegaard Writing and Research Center website

Community and inclusive support

Instructor Sheldon Levias works with students on math skills

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A home away from home

Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center

The Kelly ECC is an inclusive and affirming space that cultivates a transformative student experience. We serve and empower historically marginalized and underrepresented students by providing educational and cultural opportunities for holistic development.

Location: 3931 Brooklyn Avenue NE
More info: The Kelly ECC website

Finding a community of peers

College of Engineering Student Affinity Groups

Diversity- and inclusion-focused societies and groups that participate in mentoring, networking, research, events and other activities.

More info: Culture, Identity & community orgs

Programs for Inclusive Excellence
These programs focus on increasing access to engineering and help advance our population of students from diverse backgrounds by supporting their academic, leadership, and personal development.

More info: Programs for Inclusive Excellence

Bias, discrimination or harassment

Reporting an incident of bias, discrimination or harassment

If you encounter or suspect these incidents, we encourage you to file a report with the College of Engineering.

More info: File an incident report

General wraparound support

Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMAD) Academic Counseling Services

OMAD promotes academic success and graduation for under-represented ethnic minority, economically disadvantaged, and first-generation college students at the University of Washington.

Location: Mary Gates Hall room 141
More info: OMAD website

Mental health, emotional support

group of students cheering at a football game

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Stress, anxiety, coping skills, support, …

Counseling Center

Student support services for the challenges of life. Confidential individual counseling, group counseling, workshops, light therapy, crisis services, and more.

Location: Schmitz Hall room 401
More info: Counseling Center website

Husky HelpLine

Husky HelpLine is available to support you to same-day access to a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

Location: Schmitz Hall room 401
More info: Husky HelpLine website

Drop-in consultations

Let’s Talk

Confidential student support service.

Locations: Odegaard Library room 222, Q Center, Ethnic Cultural Center, and Mary Gates Hall room 134E
More info: Let’s Talk website

English language learner support

a young man working on a laptop

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English language proficiency

Support for the Study of College Writing

Options and direction for students who can benefit from additional language support.

Location: various
More info: Support for the Study of College Writing web page

Study spaces and labs

a young woman sitting at a table working on a laptop

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A quiet place to study or work on a computer

Engineering Student Computer Lab


Open to all engineering students. The lab has 36 workstations in an open room, plus 3 small rooms for groups of up to 4 students to work collaboratively around 1 computer with a 46-inch monitor.

More info: Engineering Student Computer Lab website