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Engineering Academic Center (EAC)

Study spaces

The EAC is a supportive, communal study space for you to hone the skills you need to succeed in core courses such as math, physics, chemistry, and your introductory engineering courses.

Stop by to work on homework with other engineering students, access tutoring, prepare for exams, and build community.

Mission statement

The Engineering Academic Center is a student-focused learning community for engineering undergraduates that supports their growth academically and professionally in an inclusive environment based on best practices for problem-solving and collaboration.

Two students working together on homework using an iPad and whiteboards

In-person Tutoring Available


The EAC offers drop-in peer tutoring Monday through Thursday from the second week of the quarter through the last week of classes.  All tutoring is held in-person in Loew 207/213/215 from 3 pm – 6 pm. (EAC drop-in tutoring is closed on university holidays.):

Math: 12x, 207/208, Amath 301
Science: Chem 142/152/162, Phys 12X, Bio 180
Engineering fundamentals: AA 210/260, ME 230/123, CEE 220, MSE 170, EE 215

Tutoring schedule

Related: Community of Scholars Tutoring (COST) is a resource available to WE RISE students.

EAC staff working with students using whiteboards and past exams


Exam prep: Engineers in Gear (EIG)

EIG asynchronous study packets are designed to help you prepare for the types of questions you could be asked on upcoming exams.They consist of some combination of mock exam questions and their solutions along with videos of instructors walking you through solutions to seminal problems. The materials are designed to help you focus on problem-solving strategies, practice exam-like questions, and review concepts before exams. Packets are sent to registered students between 2 to 5 days before the targeted exam date on our schedule. Please see our current schedule to see courses currently supported and find the registration form link..

EIG session schedule

Two students sitting next to each other in front of laptops as one student points to an object outside of the photo


Engineering Academic Success Coaching

Connect with a peer coach who can help you develop skills in effective study strategies, time management, goal setting, and provide motivation. They can also refer you to useful campus resources. Academic success coaches focus on meeting you where you are academically while working alongside you as a team during 1-1 sessions.

Learn more about the Engineering Academic Success Coaches Francisco and Toni.

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Study spaces

 Open Study hoursTutoringResources
Loew 2079-6 pm (Fri 5pm)
No reservation necessary
Drop-ins 3-6pm: no appt. necessary
Tables for group study
Reference books
Snacks, tea and water
Loew 213 and 215If room has not been reserved, open for use 9-6 pm (Fri 5pm)NoWhiteboards