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Engineering Academic Center

The Engineering Academic Center (EAC) is a place where white boards are brimming with equations worked over by students to hone the skills they need to succeed in introductory math, physics or chemistry courses.

Workshop participants, usually 10 to 20 students, meet twice a week in study groups and form learning communities. We especially welcome student populations who are traditionally underrepresented in Engineering.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of study center resources and learning facilitators located in Loew 207, 213, and 215.

  • Loew 207 and 213 Study/Learning Area
    Computers, white boards, study tables, and Learning Facilitators who can provide academic support
    Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Loew 215 Classroom
    Academic workshops and tutoring resources
  • Academic Support - Loew 213/215
    Study and get help with chemistry, math, physics, AA 210, CEE 220, ME 230, and CHEM E 260
    Monday through Thursday 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.
  • MTUD - Math 'Til U Drop
    Scheduled around mid-terms and final exams, MTUD sessions bring together students enrolled in Academic Workshops and other interested students for an evening of study and knowledge sharing. Facilitated by Student Academic Services staff.

To use the study center computers, request an account from the Student Academic Services staff in Loew 301.

More about the EAC Dave Prince with students wearing shirts that say What works is work

EAC Leader Honored

In 2012, Dave Prince was honored for his leadership of the EAC with an award for the Advancement of Learning Communities.

A Home Base for Students students sitting in front of equation-filled white boards in the EAC

A Trend article illustrates the importance of the EAC in the lives of students and graduates.

Campus Resources

The Center for Learning & Undergraduate Enrichment is a late-night academic center designed to support all UW undergraduates, from those who are under-prepared to those who are advanced. CLUE offers tutoring, class discussion, learning communities and more in state-of-the-art facilities.
Location: Mary Gates Hall Commons

Chemistry Study Center
The Chemistry Study Center has one or more helpful TAs on duty to assist students with introductory chemistry courses. Along with CHEM 142, 152, and 162, this includes CHEM 120, 145, 155, and 165. There are also tables designated for students from specific courses so students can get help from one another.
Location: Bagley Hall, Room 330

Math Study Center
The Math Study Center provides a comfortable place and a supportive atmosphere for students to come together and study, in groups or individually. It has a number of tutors (both graduate student TAs and advanced undergraduates) who will sit down with students and answer questions to help them get unstuck in MATH 120, 124, 125, 126.
Location: Communications Building, B-014

Physics Study Center
The Center offers tutoring assistance for Physics 114/115/116 and 121/122/123.
Location: Basement of Phys/Astronomy Building Complex, A Bldg. rooms AM018, A, B, C

Odegaard Writing and Research Center
Peer tutors and librarians work with students, faculty and staff on any project to help with all aspects of writing from understanding an assignment, to research, brainstorming, outlining, drafting and revising.
Location: Odegaard Undergraduate Library, Room 326

OMA&D Instructional Center
Instructional Center provides academic support for Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) students. The Instructional Center is staffed by more than a dozen professional instructors and over 100 tutors. Students can ask questions, study together and develop support groups and lasting friendships. There are instructors and tutors available for almost every academic discipline or major.
Location: 1307 NE 40th Street, 98105 (map)

instructors, tutors and students in the engineering academic center